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Women's Club Soccer 2019

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Highlight Video and 1 Day Left to Donate!

December 06, 2018

WISH YOU WERE IN ALABAMA TO WATCH US DOMINATE AGAINST THE COMPETITION? Don't be sad you missed it--we've got you covered! One of our most dedicated team moms filmed every exciting minute of every game and put together a highlight video with all the goals we scored at Nationals. You don't want to miss it! Check it out here. (You might want to sit down, there are some real GOLAZOS in there!!)


Although Nationals are over, our season is not! Our team is looking forward to taking care of unfinished business by winning Spring League in 2019, and we need your help to raise the necessary funds for travel. With our campaign coming to a close TOMORROW at 11:59PM, we have time for ONE LAST PUSH to reach our fundraising goal! We have already raised over $7,000, which is incredible. Thank you for taking the time to support women's club soccer and extending your generosity to our cause. We are eternally grateful!


Please help us reach a wider audience in these last 24 hours of our campaign. Every little repost and share you make on social media will make a difference. For your reference, this link to our fundraiser is: Spread the word!


Thanks for all your help, and let's finish this campaign with a bang!



Your UCLA Women's Club Soccer team


Bruins Dominated at Nationals!

December 03, 2018

Nationals 2018 had it all: beautiful soccer, incredible goals, crazy weather, and memories to last a lifetime. We traveled to Alabama last Wednesday to compete in this highly anticipated tournament and returned yesterday with our heads held high.


Our team played very well and dominated group play with wins over Purdue (4-0), Minnesota (2-1), and Penn State (3-2). We moved on to quarterfinals Friday night, where we battled it out against Grand Valley University to a decisive 3-0 victory. Unfortunately, during our semifinal game against USC, the thunder and lightning storms in the area became too dangerous for play to continue and the remainder of the tournament had to be cancelled. We were incredibly disappointed to end Nationals without having the opportunity to win it all, but proud to have performed to the best of our abilities while we could. Thank you to all of the loving parents who came to cheer us on -- we can never express how much your constant support means to us.


And thank you to YOU for donating to our Spark campaign and making this experience a reality for us. Despite the premature ending of the tournament, we had a blast in Alabama and showed the rest of the country that we belong among the top teams in the nation. This was only possible because you helped us raise over $6,600 in less than a month, and we are so grateful.


With that said, this isn't the end! Please continue to spread the word about our campaign -- there are only four days left to donate! We still have lots of soccer to play and traveling to do for Spring season, and we need your help to refer others to our cause.


Thank you for your unwavering support, and GO BRUINS!



Your UCLA Women's Club Soccer team (basically National champs!)

Our National Tournament is here!

November 26, 2018

Hello family and friends,


This is the big week! Thanks to your support, we are getting closer to raising the funds necessary for attending Nationals in Alabama. Our team will be traveling across the nation THIS WEDNESDAY for the big tournament! Please wish us luck, and we will do our absolute best to bring the trophy back home with us! We can't wait to celebrate the win with all of our loving supporters. 


Not only is Nationals this week, but tomorrow is #GivingTuesday! Please help us spread the word about our campaign and gain even more support leading up to Nationals on this worldwide day of giving. Thank you for your constant support -- we could not do this without you!


Stay tuned for updates about our record at Nationals on our social media!

Facebook: UCLA Women's Club Soccer

Instagram: uclawcs



Your UCLA Women's Club Soccer team

Our campaign video is up!

November 19, 2018

Check out the new campaign video on our SPARK website! We've been having a blast this year traveling across California playing against several top-notch opponents. Last month, we beat UC Santa Barbara for the first time in 10 YEARS to finish Fall League in 2nd place! It's no question that our team this year is a force to be reckoned with, and we can't wait to show everyone who we are at Nationals in Alabama. Please help us get there by donating and spreading the word about our campaign!





Your UCLA Women's Club Soccer team

Launch day was a success!

November 12, 2018

With the first 4 days of our campaign in the books, we're off to a great start! We have already raised $1,715! Thank you to all of our loving supporters who have donated thus far -- it is your enthusiasm that will help boost our campaign to success over the next 25 days!


With that said, we still have more work to do. Please continue to help us get the word out about our campaign by liking and sharing our posts on social media! You will also find frequent updates about the team on there!

Facebook: UCLA Women's Club Soccer

Instagram: uclawcs

Our campaign website:


Go Bruins!!



Your UCLA Women's Club Soccer team

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The Dedicated Fan

Thank you for supporting however you can! You get a high five!

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The "Through-Ball"

Soccer is a team sport, everyone contributes to the game. We're there for each other on and off the pitch, and apparently so are you! Thank you for your support, these donations add up -- double high five!

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From showing up to games, to reposting our game stats, you are a true supporter. Your donation ensures that each player has a player card! To show our appreciation for your continued support, we will give you a shoutout on our Facebook page.

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The Cruyff

Nice move! Donating this amount helps us buy new soccer balls. With this long overdue equipment upgrade, we'll be practicing like the pros. For your donation, we'll send you a handwritten note signed by yours truly!

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The Bicycle Kick

Wow your donation will help us pay for travel expenses to Alabama this year for Nationals! For this great gift, we will send you a handwritten letter AND a signed picture of the team.

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She shoots, she scores! You can't win unless you shoot the ball, and you've shown your desire to help us reach our goal through this gracious donation. To show our thanks, we will make you a personalized video and post it on Facebook so the world knows just how much we appreciate you!

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The Hat Trick

Three goals in one game is the ultimate accomplishment, and so is your donation! For this, we will make you a personalized video and post it onto our Facebook page, and we will also send you a 2019 Bruin Classic t-shirt designed by one of the players on the team! (A tax deductible gift of $290)

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Team Captain

You are leading this campaign trail with this huge donation! A donation of this magnitude would cover 1 player's dues for the entire season! No perk would be as fitting as a sponsorship listing on our website.

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You are our fundraising team's Most Valuable Player! You just donated enough to fund one of our player's club dues and entire uniform from head to toe! To express our gratitude, we will add you to our sponsorship listing to our website, add your company logo onto the 2019 Bruin Classic t- shirt, and schedule a meet and greet with the team before our annual tournament in May!

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