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UCLA Parents' Council Presents: Economic Crisis Response Team

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UCLA Parents' Council Presents: Economic Crisis Response Team


The Economic Crisis Response Team (ECRT) is a multi-disciplinary team of staff and faculty that strategize on how to give tailored support to students who are experiencing a financial crisis that impacts their continued success at UCLA. The ECRT acts as a facilitator, and uses all funding to provide students with the resources they need to stay in school.

The mission of the ECRT is to provide a seamless and individualized response to UCLA students in extraordinary financial crises, with the goal of getting them to degree completion.

When a student isn't able to afford basic needs like food and shelter on a regular basis, they are considered to be in a financial crisis. These students often live in a precarious cycle, where an unexpected bill or expense can force them to drop out of school. Oftentimes these students come from non-traditional backgrounds where they do not have family who are able to help support them. They may also be a part of populations with unique needs and challenges such as former foster youth and students with dependents.

In addition to providing these resources, the ECRT also advises students 1:1, and connects them to different offices across campus to help them create a long-term solution to their specific financial situation.

For the students who depend on it, the ECRT is sometimes the only thing between them and dropping out of UCLA. One unexpected bill or cost, can be the reason why a student doesn't finish their degree. By giving to the ECRT you can help fill the gaps in funding that these students aren't able to meet themselves, and act as a support system for those who don't have anyone else to turn to in these situations. For these students, small amounts of funding can make a huge difference. $50 can help ensure that a student is able to have a filling, on-campus meal in the week leading up to their final exam. Your gift can help them achieve the dream of a UCLA diploma, and profoundly affect the trajectory of their lives.

There has been a huge increase in the number of students who rely on, and utilize, the ECRT's services since its inception in 2008. 

This increase is due to the steady rise in cost of education, as well as shifts in the types of students who are attending university. Of the students who enrolled this Fall, 28% of the freshman class were first generation students and 25% were from low income families. Unfortunately, the ECRT has struggled to match the needs of this changing landscape. Funding for the ECRT is very limited, and even runs out completely at certain points in the year. With your help, we hope to be able to keep growing this vital program and meet the needs of all students.

Every single dollar will go directly to the students who depend on the ECRT's services. 100% of all donations will go towards funding more meal vouchers, emergency housing, short term loans, and grants for students. You can truly make a difference in the life of a student and help be the support system that they need!

Thank you for your support and please help us spread awareness by sharing our campaign and cause with your family and friends!

Choose a giving level


Centennial Class of 2019

Give a gift of $20.19 in honor of the Centennial Class of 2019! Your gift, combined with others, can give a graduating UCLA student the financial security they need to finish this year strong and complete their degree!


Food Assistance

Can provide a week's worth of dining hall meals for a Bruin struggling with food insecurity.


Unexpected Medical Cost

Can cover an unexpected medical cost for a student afflicted by the flu, or in need of prescription medication due to mental or physical health complications.


Unexpected Transportation Cost

Can help mitigate an unanticipated transportation cost. Many students who rely on the ECRT commute to campus, and an accident like a flat tire could be detrimental to a student on a tight budget.


Emergency Housing

Can provide a full 2 weeks of safe, on-campus emergency housing for a student in need!


Short-term Loan

Can provide a short-term, interest-free loan for students with time-sensitive needs and gaps in funding. A short-term loan can keep a student from facing things like eviction, and help them break the cycle of financial insecurity.


ECRT Grant

A $1000 grant can support a student to degree completion by ensuring that they are able to meet all their basic needs on a regular basis. The cost of education goes beyond just tuition, and there are many factors that affect a student's trajectory. This generous gift can help them achieve the dream of a UCLA diploma.

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