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2019 UCLA Women's Club Water Polo

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2019 UCLA Women's Club Water Polo

Meet the Team

UCLA Women’s Club Water Polo is a tight-knit group of girls who share a passion and love for water polo. We are a student run organization, consisting of 37 members with a wide diversity of majors, hometowns, and cultural backgrounds. Our welcoming atmosphere of fun and enthusiastic girls makes coming to practice and seeing each other a highlight of our day. With the help of our amazing coach, MacGregor Sanford, we have gone undefeated in the current season, and continue to maintain the ultimate goal of making it to Nationals. We have traveled throughout all of California competing in pre-season and league tournaments, and have been ranked in the top three teams in the nation for the past few years. Although we are affiliated with UCLA Club Sports, our team is completely student run and receives no funding from UCLA. This means that we must get all of our funds for tournaments, traveling, equipment, and our coach from outside sources and donations.

Our Problem

Our team has continued to grow exponentially in the past years, gaining more and more team members and support every season. Due to this increase in players, we need more gear and more equipment, alongside the increased travel costs to transport, house, and feed every member. In addition, we now enter two teams in every tournament to allow for more playing time and individual opportunities to compete against rival schools. This whole season we have been training in preparation for Nationals, which would be a large financial burden. Every member contributes dues to our club to cover a minimal amount of these needs, but we do not want finances to be the reason someone does not join or continue with our team, or be hesitant to travel to away tournaments.

How You Can Help Us

Our main goal is to raise $8,000 within the coming month in order to combat the financial difficulties we’ve had in the past and accommodate opportunities in our future, since there is no other way our club team receives funding. With your generous donations, we will be able to get the equipment we need, compete in tournaments, and provide for transportation and boarding costs, which will be especially important if we compete in Nationals. We have continuously grown, both in numbers and in skill level, and our funding is one of the key factors that keeps this growth flourishing. For members, this team is not just about a sport, but it also provides each and every one of us with a unique community that has shaped our college experiences for the better. It is a support system bound together by life-long friendships that has ultimately made UCLA feel so much smaller. This team is a place through which students can not only find close relationships with one another, but also find academic and professional growth through the support of teammates. For many of us, we can honestly say that we have not been on a team as cohesive and welcoming as this one, and with your contribution, you can help to keep this community and legacy alive.

Your support will drive our success!

The loss we suffered due to the graduation of most of our starting line up makes us no less determined to fight out way to Nationals to get the chance to travel across the country and compete against many new well-qualified school teams. 

This team has made huge impacts on many of our members and created so many opportunities for growth, both in and out of the pool. It provides a group to study with, go out to dinner with, work out with, and even travel the world with! We hope that you see how important this group of girls and the future of the team is for every member, and are willing to make a donation to support us this year and drive the success of years to come!

Thank you in advance!

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