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Help UCLA Table Tennis Go To Nationals!

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Help UCLA Table Tennis Go To Nationals!

Who We Are

We are UCLA Table Tennis. We foster a community of table tennis enthusiasts of all experience levels, ranging from novice beginners to nationally ranked players. We welcome recreational players and also train competitive players for both local and national-level tournaments.


Our varsity team has consistently been the top ranked school in Southern California and repeatedly ranked among the top 10 in North America. Members of the Varsity team have even represented the United States in the 2015 and 2017 World Summer Universiade Games in Korea and Taiwan. When they're not training, Varsity members never forget to give back to the table tennis community at UCLA. For all the recreational players and newcomers to table tennis, Varsity members provide instructional classes for players to learn the basics of ping pong. This is particularly exciting because most recreational table tennis players have never been taught any formal techniques. Through these classes and training sessions, not only have beginner players reach tournament level, we have also attracted more people into the sport! Overall, we are a growing, close-knit family that supports each other in our efforts to train and improve our skills, and most importantly, to just have fun.


Why We're Fundraising

Although we train hard to face obstacles we encounter within the sport, we still need your help to tackle our financial obstacles. As a UCLA Club Sport, we receive little to no funding from our school, which is why you are so important to us!


As college students, it is hard for us to study in school and also keep up with the costs of competing at tournaments. This is why we need your help to both support our varsity members on their trip to Nationals and to also improve our practice facility. This year, Nationals will be held in Greensboro, North Carolina. The flights to North Carolina, the housing cost, and registration costs easily deplete all club funds and creates a massive financial burden for our players. Of equal importance, our club is in desperate need of practice facility improvement. Despite our competitive success and large member base of over 50 players, our training facility is inadequate. Last year, we were able to afford a new table with your help! However, a year has passed, and more tables are not broken. The money you donate will help us buy a new table and other important equipment (such as balls and barriers) to improve our practice space. Better facility means better performance.


Our $2500 Goal Breakdown:


Our Vision

Our goal is to create a space where all of our club members and nonmembers feel welcomed to play at. This year, Santa Monica College was able to host many local tournaments and even the 2019 US Pan-American Team Trials. We would also love to host local and national-level tournaments at UCLA and spread more awareness of competitive table tennis like Santa Monica College. So please help us make that happen!


Why We Need You!

You can help us in our journey to nationals and facility improvements through charitable donations! Every little donation makes an impact. Small donations eventually create waves of impact when everyone’s contribution is combined. Your donations make a huge difference to us because we do not have any other funding source. Our club is relatively new so we do not have a strong alumni or support network. Your contribution would be greatly appreciated by each and everyone one of our club members. Even if you not in a financial situation to donate, we would really love it if you could help share our campaign and spread the awareness. Eventually this campaign may reach part of your network that has the ability to financially help us! Thank you!


Choose a giving level


Pong Ball

Did you know each competition grade table tennis ball is priced at $1? Thank you for supporting our team in a small, yet powerful way!


Energy Drinks + Granola Bars

This donation will help to fuel our table tennis players as they fight through their matches at nationals. Thank you for supporting us by providing much needed glucose to our fatigued muscles!


Meal for Hungry Athlete

This donation will feed one of our hungry table tennis players at nationals. Thank you for your supporting us through healthy fuel and nutrition!


New Barrier

With this donation, we will be able to upgrade our training facility with more barriers! This will help us to concentrate our valuable practice time on the table without worrying about chasing the bouncing balls all around the gym. We will give you a shoutout on our Facebook page to thank you!


Hotel Costs

This donation will help to cover the costs of living in a hotel! Thank you for supporting us by enabling us to have good night's rest of sleep to prepare us to compete to the best of our abilities. We will give you a shoutout on our facebook page!


New Table

This donation will pay for a new table for our practice facility. With this table, more people will get a chance to enjoy table tennis at UCLA! You will get an opportunity to play with Varsity members and we will also give you shoutout on our Facebook page!


Be our MVP!

With this donation, we will be able to pay for a third of our entire team's flights. You will have an oppurtunity to play and challenge our Varsity members. We will also give you a shoutout on our Facebook page. Thank you for your supporting Bruin Table Tennis!

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