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UCLA Radio Pledge Drive 2019

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UCLA Radio Pledge Drive 2019

Who are we? 

UCLA Radio is made up of over 250 unique, creative, and passionate students dedicated to bringing quality programming to our listeners. UCLA Radio has been broadcasting on campus since 1962, when we were established as a “original funky radio station” in the basement of Dykstra Residential Hall. Now operating out of a cave in Ackerman and broadcasting online, UCLA Radio’s audience has extended to include listeners around the globe in such diverse places as Australia, Russia, Italy, England, and Brazil.

Our eclectic programming features shows spanning a wide variety of musical genres as well as talk radio shows featuring comedy, news, and sports content. This past year, not only has our listener count increased by over 150%, but we’ve also had the pleasure of hosting more events and in-station performances than ever before, and have additionally been able to release multiple art publications featuring the work of our members. We’ve established a presence within both the UCLA community and the larger Los Angeles community as well. With over 18,000 total followers across all our social media accounts and over 400 applications received during recruitment every quarter, UCLA Radio is an ever-growing and expanding collective looking to make a lasting impact in our community, through fostering creative efforts and uniting our organization behind our shared passion. The station is completely student run and supported in part through charitable donations and our own fundraising efforts.



What is our goal for this project? 

Although our outreach into the community has grown, our potential for engagement is still lacking. With one of the largest active rosters of any UCLA organization, UCLA Radio has only half the potential needed to capitalize on the opportunities we’re hoping to explore artistically and creatively. The initiatives we’re hoping to produce through our organization lack the financial backing needed to generate the content we want to output for you, our audience and community.

UCLA Radio is an organization that has the ability to expand into anything within the entertainment horizon. With over 250 impassioned members, students of all interests and backgrounds come together under our one umbrella to produce and create the meaningful work they hope to share with you and with the world. Whether it’s our Dev team that provides the backbone to our consistent online presence while applying their skills to our app development and media integration, our Digital Press team striving to release weekly, journalistic industry-standard content, or any other of our fifteen independent departments all working on their own dreams and initiatives through this organization.


UCLA Radio members, like all UCLA students, are looking to make a lasting impact in those things we are all ardently pursuing through this organization, and they need your help to achieve exactly that!


Our station and our members are solely missing the fiscal backing to truly expand their departments, to create and produce the content they’ve always envisioned, and to make UCLA Radio into the hallmark of student media content we’ve always hoped it to be for you, our audience and community.

With this year's goals, your donations will go towards expanding the efforts and content initiatives of every one of our 15 independent departments! Alongside our multifaceted initiatives, your generous contributions will go towards maintaining our station and further developing the UCLA Radio to unfathomable heights we can hope to take it.


Past Campaigns

Last year with your help, we were able to make a major changes within the dynamic of our station in our sound quality, content, equipment, and outreach! We got the opportunity to invest in a industry-standard soundboard to enhance our online broadcasting, our events started to expand into the greater Los Angeles area through live performances in local venues, and the artistic output from our station, like our Zine releases, have only gotten bigger and better in scale whereby we can reach more and more people!



What we will be able to do with your donations 

This year with your contributions, we as a station hope to accomplish the immense task of realizing our ambitions and taking our content to the next level. Whether it’s purchasing new equipment that will allow us to massively improve our content production and your listener experience, interacting with even bigger artists that our listeners want to connect with, or connecting to our LA community in all the ways we know we can! Our major goals specifically are:

  • Purchase sound and video equipment for live broadcasting on-campus events

  • Expand existing station content into our newly established iTunes Podcast for offline listening on-the-go 

  • Cover more live events to bring industry-standard coverage on musical happenings

  • provide you all live interviews with LA Galaxy players like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and more!​

Our biggest ambitions for the coming year are to potentially launch a quarterly fashion and merchandise line through our organization! Our aspiration is to enable our artists and graphic designers to pursue their interests professionally while putting their art into the real world and producing it for you in our community. Furthermore, we want to put on our own UCLA Radio sponsored music festival with a whole slew of artists and internally produced entertainment. In short, we need your help to allocate resources towards equipping our members with the tools and technologies needed for high quality graphics and merchandise production, expanded journalistic presence in online and print mediums, and all the more our innovative selves can hope to achieve!


DJ Testimonials: 

When I joined UCLA Radio fall of my sophomore year, I was a different person. I was shy, insecure, and homesick. I was involved in campus and had a lot of friends, but I still felt like I hadn’t found my “people” or a space on campus where I felt like I truly belonged. This all changed when I was welcomed to Radio with unconditional open arms and accepted for who I am. I was given a space to express myself creatively on and off air. I was given a network of support and friendships. I was given a voice and a home away from home. After a year and a half in Radio, I have transformed into not only a widely known member of the community but also a leader. Serving as the Events Manager, it is my responsibility to cultivate the culture and sense of community within radio while  integrating our brand into the LA music scene. This role has only made me fall in love with radio more because I am able to share my experience and hopefully provide a similar one to all of our members. UCLA Radio is such an amazing community, and I am so thankful for being a part of it.

-Lily Shaw​, Third Year Political Science Major


UCLA Radio has been the highlight of my college experience. It is a chance to develop valuable and rewarding skills in what I consider to be the best community on campus. Everyone in radio is extremely supportive and will help you persue your passion, whether it be broadcasting, engaging with LA's music industry, or just throwing wacky events. UCLA Radio's community has helped me grow so much in the last three years and I can't wait to see what comes next!

-Benjamin Langdon, Third Year Psychology Major



Thank You, 

On behalf of UCLA Radio, we thank you for your continued support. Without your generosity, we could not continue to grow and thrive as a completely student-run radio station. Thank you for making our dreams come true!

Our way
of Thanking You


Boogie on a Budget

Your $1 donation will allow us to purchase supplies and equipment to keep our station functioning healthily! As a thank you for donating, you will be put on a list and promoted on our social media account!

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Estimated Delivery: May 2019


Disco Clout

Your $5 donation will allow us to fund and purchase supplies for the events that we throw in the Los Angeles community. As a thank for your donation, we will post a photo with your name on our social media page!

9 of Unlimited Claimed
Estimated Delivery: May 2019


Groovin’ on Air

Your $10 donation will go towards purchasing livestreaming equipment for our new podcasting initiative! As a thank you for donating, we will give you a shout out on air and post it on our UCLA Radio soundcloud page!

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Estimated Delivery: May 2019


“Stick it” to the Man

Your $25 donation will go towards purchasing field recording equipment for our journalists to produce more on-the-road content! As a thanks, we'll give you some student-designed UCLA Radio stickers and buttons! Tax Deductible gift of $20.

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Estimated Delivery: October 2019



Your generous gift will allow us to buy a new PA system to improve our in station performance and live shows! To show our appreciation, we will play a song of your choice and thank you for your donation on air!

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Estimated Delivery: May 2019


Funk Out

Your $100 donation will go towards developing a new line merchandise that will be available to the UCLA community! For your generosity, we will give you some of our student-designed UCLA Radio merchandise! Tax deductible gift of $85.

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Estimated Delivery: October 2019


Right on, man!

You just bought us a brand new audio interface for our podcast recordings! As a thank you, you will receive a handwritten thank you from your friends at UCLA Radio plus exclusive pledge drive merchandise! Tax deductible gift of $93.

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Estimated Delivery: October 2019



Your $250 donation will allow us to purchase new professional-quality camera equipment for our live event coverage! To show our gratitude, we will send you a mystery bundle of exclusive Pledge Drive T-Shirt! Tax deductible gift $235.

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Estimated Delivery: April 2019


MacArthur Park

Your contribution will be used to launch our UCLA Radio sponsored Quarterly Fashion Line! To show our gratitude, we will send you a mystery bundle of exclusive Pledge Drive themed merchandise! Tax deductible gift $463.

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Estimated Delivery: October 2019


Boogie With Us

With your $1000 donation, we will be able to upgrade our written content to an industry-standard blogging and editing platform! To thank you, we will play a five-song set of your creation on one of our shows and send you an archive file for you to listen back to (and show your friends)!

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Estimated Delivery: October 2019


Disco Queen

You just gave the station a new Mac Mini equipped with photo and video editing software to continue delivering unique content to our audience! To show our gratitude, we will have our comedy team write, perform, and send a personalized “thank you” skit to you PLUS a mystery bundle filled with exclusive Pledge Drive merch. Tax deductible gift of $2,458

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Estimated Delivery: October 2019


Donna Summer

With your $5,000 donation, we will be able to fund a self-produced UCLA Radio Music Festival! As a symbol of our gratitude, you will have the opportunity to write and plan your own 1 hour show on UCLA Radio, get a UCLA Radio T-Shirt, and receive a free student-designed graphic of your choice! A tax deductible gift of $4,985

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Estimated Delivery: October 2019
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