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Academic Advancement Program

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Academic Advancement Program

For over 40 years, the Academic Advancement Program (AAP), an innovative academic program for first generation, low-income and historically underrepresented students in higher education, has lead and represented the best of what United States society aspires to: access, equity, opportunity, and excellence. Through proactive programs and services, the AAP team has served tens of thousands of UCLA undergraduate students in the pursuit of academic excellence. 


During this Centennial year, and as UCLA embarks on its second century, there has been no better time for the AAP community to come together to sustain the path forward by supporting access and students in need.


That's why this year we're embarking on an ambitious, potentially history making, giving campaign that brings current students, parents, staff, AAP Alumni and friends together.


Your contribution before year end, regardless of the size, matters will create opportunities for others— one experience, one student, one discovery at a time. Keep reading to learn more!



The Academic Advancement Program (AAP) is the nation’s largest university-based student diversity program. AAP consists of a collection of innovative programs serving more than 5,000 student members from multi-ethnic, low-income, first- generation and multiracial backgrounds.


AAP has been recognized as one of the “most creative, successful and innovative” student retention programs in the country. AAP graduates the highest percentage of historically underrepresented students in the UC system and California State University system.



AAP provides an array of personalized academic support services that encourage and promote academic achievement and excellence. 

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Each year, there is need. Here's how your support makes a difference.    

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In 10th grade, I didn’t even know I that I wanted to go to college. The VIP Scholars program showed me I could do anything I want and that university can help you determine what you want to do in life.” 


-Elijah Ozuna (Class of 2018)


UCLA changes lives, and the Vice Provost’s Initiative for Pre College Scholars (VIP Scholars) is a perfect example—it allows students from under-served communities to dream big and go far.


Established in 2005 in response to the plummeting number of underrepresented students admitted to and enrolled at UCLA, VIP Scholars is a partnership between LAUSD and Pasadena Unified School District designed to address the inequities in the college preparation and admissions process. VIP Scholars helps high school students in communities where opportunities are limited to be competitively eligible and prepared for admission to top universities like UCLA. Additionally, VIP Scholars accepted to UCLA are entitled to a four year, $20,000 scholarship once they enroll at the university.

The annual per student cost for VIP Scholars is $7,700. As the number of VIP Scholars grows, the program is poised to expand and deepen its offerings by:

  • Adding a STEM-focused curriculum to the year-long and summer academic sessions

  • Increasing the number of staff focused on servicing VIP Scholars attending college

  • Expanding the academic programming available to VIP Scholars high schools

  • Increasing the size of each cohort by adding staff support

Peer Counseling

Your gift can help underwrite and sustain a cornerstone of AAP: Peer counselors. Peer counselors work to encourage and promote academic achievement, help students navigate campus resources, and ensure a smooth adjustment to UCLA. The annual cost of the program is $14,000 a year for between 14 and 20 peer counselors.

AAP Arts Initiative (Arts IN)

The AAP Arts Initiative (Arts IN) is specifically designed for AAP juniors, seniors and transfer students who wish to pursue interdisciplinary research related to the arts and design. Guided by faculty and a graduate student adviser, Arts IN scholars have explored such topics as art education, art therapy, community development, creative writing, dance, digital arts, non-profit development, film making analysis, information management, information studies, journalism, museum curation, music, non-profit development, performance, public health, theater and visual arts, and ethnic studies. The cost per student to participate is $500 and there are often 15 or more students seeking this research path.


Another critical initiative in AAP is the Graduate and Professional School Mentoring unit. Seven cohort programs have been specifically designed for AAP students who wish to pursue research opportunities and prepare for the next stage of their academic career. Guided by faculty and a graduate student adviser, these cohorts provide AAP undergraduates with a source of information, mentorship, and accountability. The cost per student to participate is $500 and there are often 15 or more students seeking additional training and support on the path to graduate school.

Emergency Fund

Many AAP students encounter emergencies during the academic year that directly impact their ability to cover room and board costs, purchase books or continue their attendance at UCLA. AAP provides financial relief to students during times of crisis to help students remain on campus and continue on with their education.

Our way
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Support the AAP Community

Your gift honors bringing the community together in support of AAP students and programs.

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Every Gift to AAP Counts!

No matter how much you can contribute, even $5, come together with your classmates and alumni to support AAP! For just $5, you’ll secure a spot at the AAP Networking Reception in Spring 2020. (tax deductible gift of $4)

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Class of 2020

Celebrate the impact and accomplishments you made with your 2020 classmates by make a gift of $20.20! You’ll be eligible for some super sweet benefits only available to graduating seniors during commencement in the Spring. (tax deductible gift of $16.20)

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Donate to the Emergency Fund and help cover the cost of textbooks for students.

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Centennial Gift

Celebrate UCLA's centennial with a gift of $100.

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Peer Learning Labs

Help fund equipment for peer-learning interactive labs.

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Mentors & Research

Your gift of $500 means a student can participate Arts(IN) or fund a professional mentor for a student.

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Chancellor's Society

With your gift, you can pay for a student's necessary course fees. Your leadership gift will ensure other Bruins can make an impact in the Los Angeles community just like you did! With this giving level, you’ll become a member of the Chancellor's Society. More information can be found here: https://uclafund.ucla.edu/chancellors-society/

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