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FEM Newsmagazine @ UCLA

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FEM Newsmagazine @ UCLA

Who are we?

FEM is UCLA’s first and only feminist publication since 1973. In 46 years, FEM has grown into a powerful intersectional feminist newsmagazine with readers from across UCLA’s campus and across the globe.

We are students dedicated to the empowerment of all womxn, the promotion of human rights, the recognition of gender diversity, and the application of intersectional feminism to dismantle structures of oppression. Our purpose is to enlighten our audience with information, personal accounts, and perspectives that may be rejected or silenced within mainstream media. FEM aims to offer a wide range of timely feature, opinion, and news pieces that tackle gender issues in relation to sexuality, race, class, and popular culture, as well as provide a space for creative feminist work.

We are a dynamic and diverse group of writers, editors, designers, illustrators, videographers, and students who want to push the conversation forward. FEM Newsmagazine is a completely student-run publication and supported in part through charitable donations and our own fundraising efforts.

Why we need your help.

Although we take pride in and value the creative freedom that comes with being an entirely student-run publication at UCLA, this also means that our financial resources are minimal.

Printing is by far the largest expense we incur as a publication. As of Fall 2018, we upgraded from newspaper issues to beautiful glossy-coated magazine issues! This allows us to print 100% in color, with text and images that are much more crisp and true to their original illustrations. However, with this enhancement to our physical issues comes increased costs. We budgeted $4000 to cover this academic year’s Fall, Winter, and Spring quarterly issues. Keeping our journalism in print is especially important to our organization because FEM distributes valuable and unique information to the UCLA community through its accessible quarterly issues.

Additionally, FEM hosts launch parties to promote our issues every quarter. This is our way of celebrating the hard work that our writers, designers, and editors put into our issues and furthering our outreach into the greater community. To plan successful launches, FEM needs funds for renting venues, booking DJs, bands, and local artists for entertainment. 

In our efforts to educate our greater community, we at FEM wish to use our platform to host impactful guest speakers, community events and screenings at UCLA to increase visibility about crucial and controversial topics. Such events open up the dialogue of various feminist issues across all of its intersecting axes that may not otherwise take place on our campus. With your help, we can better fulfill our duty as activists, while fostering a safe space for those in our community to share their perspectives.

How you can help FEM!

Please donate today! As we strive to grow FEM and further its readership, we are met with financial hardships. With your contributions, we can move past our monetary obstacles and focus on publishing the best quality content possible and continuing our mission to promote feminist activism within our community. 

Your support means that we can continue to distribute our quarterly print issues for free on campus! This is our main avenue of establishing a presence in the UCLA community and our primary method of allowing the marginalized voices of FEM to be heard.

Your gifts will also help FEM host successful launch parties, guest speaker and community events, which allow us to broaden our audience and strengthen our impact within the community.

Lastly, your contributions will be put towards the purchase of professional-quality camera, sound, and lighting equipment for FEM's newly established Video Team! This team's goals are to produce creative and inclusive visuals that reinforce the themes and substance of our articles, as well as to help members expand upon their skills through editing, cinematography, and screenwriting workshops!

Thank You!

On behalf of FEM Newsmagazine, we thank you for your support. Because of your generosity, we will be able to successfully expand our readership across UCLA and strengthen our digital and community presence as a powerful intersectional feminist publication.


Producer: Jemina Garcia

Director: Alana Francis-Crow

Writer: Alana Francis-Crow

Editor: Mary McGlinchey

Editing Consultant: Jemina Garcia

Colorist: Jemina Garcia

Voiceover: Jemina Garcia

Music: Julia Schreib

Camera Operators: Ifueko Osarogiagbon, Shannon Boland

Production Design: Shannon Boland, Deirdre Mitchell

Line Producers: Deirdre Mitchell, Maya Dajon Casting: Grace Ciacciarelli

Script Consultants: Jemina Garcia, Deirdre Mitchell, Mary McGlinchey, Shannon Boland, Grace Ciacciarelli

Cast (in order of appearance): Jemina Garcia, Eva Szilardi-Tierney, Jane Shin, Ifueko Osarogiagbon, Alana Francis-Crow, Shannon Boland, Cindy Quach, Grace Fang, Lauren Cramer, Maya Dajon, Natalya Hill, El Gomez, Deirdre Mitchell


Choose a giving level


Journalism Basics

Your $5 donation will allow us to provide supplies and equipment for our staff to keep our publication running!


Food for FEM

For the visual aspect of every nesmagazine, FEM's video team organizes and executes a photo and video shoot concurrent with the quarter's issue theme. Your $25 donation will provide meals for the models and staff during these 12-hour-long shoots!


46 Years of FEM

FEM was founded in 1973! Honor almost 5 decades of feminist journalism and activism with your donation!


Secure a Venue

Your $100 donation will go towards booking a venue to host our launch parties! At these events, you can pick up a free copy of our latest magazine and enjoy live music with friends! These events allow FEM to further its outreach into the greater UCLA community.


Live Music and Entertainment

Your $200 donation will go towards booking DJs, bands, and local artists for our quarterly issue launch parties, which are a celebration and promotion of our latest issue publications!


Lights, Camera, Action!

Your $500 donation will go towards purchasing 3 LED color-changing light panel kits! FEM's video team is expanding as we move towards creating inclusive visual content that reflects the substance of our print articles, as well as impactful documentary projects.

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