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Raise Your Racquets: Supporting Bruin Club Tennis

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Raise Your Racquets: Supporting Bruin Club Tennis

About BCT

Since 2002, Bruin Club Tennis has flourished into a place on campus that welcomes all players -- those that were born with tennis in their veins and those that have never picked up a racquet. It is an organization that  provides students, faculty, and alumni with more than just a regular space to play, but a means to connect with people all across UCLA's campus of different interests and lifestyles which they would never have before. As the largest club sport on campus, BCT consists of more than 100 members, of which about 30 compete on the collegiate level. The success of BCT is rooted in our ability to bring together people through our mutual passion for tennis and the plethora of diverse members that BCT has seen come and go throughout the years.

The 15 Officers

Without the support of the officer board, our club would not be able to grow with record membership numbers year after year. Our officers understand the impact that BCT can have on each and every person here at UCLA because they've experienced it themselves. They are dedicated students, thankful for the special relationships they've formed playing tennis with BCT and are eager to keep that spirit alive. Our officers develop leadership and communication skills within the club that translates into other aspects of their life and, in turn, become better people to themselves and to others.

National Champions: The Competitive Team

As the best collegiate club tennis team in the nation, the competitive team is just that: highly competitive. The chance to compete with a team whose chemistry is as undeniable as the medals they bring home is only given to a select number of students, those that exceed in the classroom and out on the court. With Coach Mark Otten, the original founder of Bruin Club Tennis, the competitive team has been able to consistently perform exceptionally well over the years, taking home the National Championship win in the previous 2018-19 school year, a big and well deserved win for all. UCLA is proud to present such a stellar group of young men and women to represent the school as they travel the country to compete in tournaments in preparation for the National Championships which is no small feat for anyone, financially and physically. With your support, we will be able to send more of our competitive players to more tournaments in state and all across the country. Our goal is to be able to send our players to tournaments without financial restrictions to compete for UCLA and have a shot at the championships again. We thank you for your support!

The Bond That Holds Us Together: The General Team

Unlike other universities, UCLA is able to form a more common general team consisting of players of all skill levels to play tennis with no commitments. With over 100 members on our general team, there's a place for everyone in BCT. Our practices are a space for players to improve their game, meet other fellow players on campus, and destress from class. We hold a variety of tournaments for the general team members that have a taste for competition and social activities for those that want to spend time off the court with their team. Every year, we fund our club members with the opportunity to travel to Indians Wells for the BNP Paribas Open Indian Wells Tournament in the Coachella Valley desert. For many that are new to the game or have never had the chance to attend tournaments on the tour, Indian Wells is a great experience to watch professional tennis with other students also passionate about the game. At the end of the year, we hold a banquet for the entire club to reflect on the past year with food, awards, and prizes. It's the biggest event of the year and a celebration of all of our members and officers, and a tribute of thanks to our organization.

The Ball Is In Your Court

This fundraiser is a response to our aspirations as a club to provide more for our club members, those that work hard to compete against other schools and those that are new to the game but passionate about the sport. Your donations will help fund our competitive team's trips to compete in tournaments from California to Florida and at the same time, provide affordable tickets and transportation to more of our club members on our annual trip to Indian Wells, a rare and unforgettable experience, as well as funding for balls, shirts, transportation, and racquets for our club. All donations will help the club grow and prosper to bring the game of tennis to any and all people of UCLA!

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Your $5 will help us purchase 1 can of tennis balls!



Your $10 donation will help fund a set of strings good for one tennis racket!



Your $25 contribution will help fund the costs of restringing a tennis racket!


Indian Wells Admission

Your kind contribution of $50 will allow one more Bruin Club Tennis member to attend our annual Indian Wells tournament trip.


Tournament Registration Fees

Your thoughtful donation of $150 will help support the tournament registration fees for our team!


Tennis Racquet

Your generous donation of $200 will help fund a new tennis racket for our organization.

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