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Navajo Water Project

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Navajo Water Project

about our project

Team members pose while digging the hole for the tank.Our team designs and constructs solar-powered water systems for families on the Navajo Reservation that have limited access to electricity and running water. Your contribution is crucial as it would go directly to supplying a family in this region with access to such resources.

The Navajo people have endured many hardships throughout history including facing forced social integration, land boundary disputes, and uranium pollution. In the context of water access, uranium mining has caused irreversible pollution to the groundwater in the area and it is therefore unusable. Residents now must acquire water by driving to a facility nearly 2 hours away and filling small tubs on a weekly basis. This is a very time-consuming task and once the water is brought home, it must be siphoned out of the tubs for use. Imagine a lack of running water to your sink and then traveling hours away just so you can perform essential daily activities that require clean water. We believe easily accessible running water is a human right, so our team has focused on mitigating the effects of the lack of water access on the reservation.

We need your support to effectively assist families on the Navajo reservation. Our project is funded mainly by donors, whose money goes directly toward paying for supplies needed for the system, and travel costs for our team to go to Arizona to implement the system at the home. This project is not possible without the support of our donors. Your assistance is essential to providing this family with a water system that would greatly improve their quality of life.

Project Member taking a break after hard work digging a trench for the grey water system.

how we do it

Our team’s solution is to install a large tank that is connected to a sink system that uses solar energy to power the pump. Installing such a large tank allows residents to have to take less frequent trips to retrieve water, and allows them to have running water within their home. The sink allows families to access the water they have much more easily and although the water is potable, a filtration system is added to the nozzle of the sink to make it drinkable as well. The solar panel provides the family with enough energy to run the pump, giving them running water, as well as a source of power that can be used for lighting, charging phones, etc. Your donation can aid the residents of the Navajo reservation directly as it can help us purchase crucial components such as the tank, pump, or solar panel.

Project member poses in front of the hogan.

we need your help!

Please take this time to look at our donation levels to see what your donation will do for our project. Your donation will make our implementation trip possible and allow us to install an off-grid water system for a family on the Navajo Reservation! Feel free to reach out to our Project Managers, Nadia Maher and Trevor Huffaker, if you have any further questions about what we do.

Memnbers on a hike in the surrounding areas.


Our way
of Thanking You


Thank You Note

This donation will help us reach our monetary goal so we will be able to implement our off the grid water system on the Navajo Reservation. For a donation of $10, you will receive a handwritten thank you note from our Project Managers. This is a tax deductible donation of $10.

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Estimated Delivery: July 2020


Sink Filter + Signed Photo

Provide the Navajo family with a water filter to ensure their water is potable! You will get a signed photo of our team from our trip. This is a tax deductible donation of $19.

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Estimated Delivery: June 2020


Accumulator Tank + Postcard

This donation will provide us with an accumulator tank for our sink system, allowing the water to be constantly pressurized, prolonging the life of our system. You will also get a postcard from the Navajo Reservation with some words from one of our project members about their experiences. This is a tax deductible donation of $48.

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Estimated Delivery: July 2020


Water Pump + Project T-Shirt

Support the Navajo Water Project by providing us the funds to purchase a Shurflo Water Pump for a family in need. PLUS, you get a Navajo Water Project T-shirt to show your support and rep EWB in style. This is a tax deductible donation of $90.

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Estimated Delivery: July 2020


Battery + Hogan Model

This donation will allow us to purchase an entire battery to power our system, and get you a 3-D Printed Hogan Model, to display on your mantle, your dresser or anywhere in your home or office. Designed and printed by your Navajo Project member to thank you for your help. This is a tax deductible donation of $245.

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Estimated Delivery: July 2020


Solar Panel + Banquet Invite

A donation of $500 will provide us with the funds to purchase a solar panel and get you an invitation to the UCLA Student Chapter of American Society of Civil Engineers end of the year banquet. Here you will learn about all of ASCE's projects, including the Navajo Water Project, and hear the Project Managers speak about their year of work and accomplishment with food and drinks provided. This is a tax deductible donation of $475.

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Estimated Delivery: May 2020


Sink System + Mini Perk Bundle

With this donation you can provide the components for our water system, including our sink, water tank and pump, along with some additional piping. This donation will land you a Navajo Water Project T-Shirt and an invitation to the ASCE End-of-year Banquet. This is a tax deductible donation of $965.

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Estimated Delivery: July 2020


Power Components + Perk Bundle

Through this donation, you will provide our project with the funds to buy the components that we need to power our system, including the solar panel, charge controller and wiring. This will all be installed in the home of the family living on the Navajo Reservation. You will also get a Navajo Water Project T-Shirt, model hogan made by Navajo Water Project member and invitation to the ASCE Banquet. This is a tax deductible donation of $1,960.

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Estimated Delivery: July 2020


Travel Costs + Big Perk Bundle

This generous donation would cover all of the travel costs our club needs for two trips to the reservation with about 15 students each. With this donation, you will receive a Navajo Water Project T-Shirt, model hogan designed and 3D-printed by a Navajo Water Project member, gift from the Navajo Reservations and invitation to the ASCE banquet. This is a tax deductible donation of $4,930.

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Estimated Delivery: July 2020
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