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*STRETCH GOAL* Parents' Council Presents: RISE Center at UCLA

*STRETCH GOAL* Parents' Council Presents: RISE Center at UCLA Image
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*STRETCH GOAL* Parents' Council Presents: RISE Center at UCLA

Resilience in Your Student Experience (RISE) is the prevention and outreach satellite unit of UCLA Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). Staffed by an energetic and dedicated team of mental health experts, prevention educators, pro-staff advisors, healing practitioners, and student ambassadors RISE strives to uplift behavioral wellness as an integral component of the college experience and as a strong predictor of academic success.

The RISE Center at UCLA builds accessible and effective prevention strategies, educational services, healing programs, and campus relationships that help foster a culture of positive mental health at the University for long-lasting belongingness, flourishing, and achievement among our communities. 


In 2018-19, approximately 6,900 students (15.8% of the student population) used CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services) for 1:1 counseling and clinical care. While the service has been helpful to many students, the demand for service continues to outpace the availability of the resource. 

In early 2020, The RISE Center shifted its services to focus more intentionally on the needs of student populations impacted by the COVID pandemic. Students are faced with multiple challenges related to COVID—and many are thriving, thanks to their ability to harness their own resilience and ingenuity. However, UCLA staff and faculty are experiencing an increase in requests to assist students related to chronic anxiety, depression, stress, and isolation associated with the challenges of the pandemic.

As the center adapts to the virtual environment, they are quickly adjusting how they can offer the best support services to our students. Learning new technology systems, developing staff response to changing needs, and offering new avenues to create meaningful connections with our students are our main priorities. 

With your donation, you will be helping the RISE team get equipped with proper technology, platforms, and professional development to make the college experience even better for students during this unprecedented time. Your contribution will enhance the ability for the RISE team to foster student development, mental well-being, and academic achievements through these helpful gifts. You will be contributing to an important movement of supporting student mental health at this crucial and challenging time. 



The RISE center champions best practices that support student resilience—namely, by equipping students with effective social-emotional skills, building communities that affirm identity and belonging, and elevating the concept of "mental health" as an every-day habit so that students can meet their full capacity for personal success.



Thank you for your support and please help us spread awareness by sharing our campaign and cause with your family and friends!



Follow the RISE Center on Facebook and Instagram: @UCLARISEcenter

Twitter: @UCLA_RISE

Learn more about the RISE Center: risecenter.ucla.edu



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Thank You!

Thank you for supporting the RISE Center that helps foster a culture of positive mental health at UCLA!


Digital Care Kit Subscriptions

Helps pay for a subscription to wellness based apps such as Audible, Liberate, Kindle, Calm, etc. that is included in our digital care kits!


Tech Supplies--Virtual Media

Support operations during the transition to online prevention and education work in the digital space including microphones, cameras, lighting equipment.


RISE Leader Grant

Provide a gift card to a student to be used at the UCLA student union towards food, clothing, and school supplies. Granted to students who are nominated by peers, staff and faculty for doing impactful resilience work. GOAL TOTAL: 100 (quantity)


Suicide Prevention Training

Help provide one academic quarter (ten weeks) of suicide prevention training for a staff member. This would include workbooks and supplies to enhance learning and help students become student leaders who are equipped to spot another student who might be in trouble.


Staff Professional Development

Access to conferences, consortium and resources in order for staff to respond effectively to the current climate of community, racial, and global trauma associated or related to the COVID pandemic era. Other topics include helping the team to enhance in the areas of health interventions, use of technology, on-boarding timely digital and virtual platforms during COVID.


Translation Services

Contribution goes towards our team access to Articulate 360 which allows our staff to communicate with ease with a broader population of students.

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