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Integrative Medicine Collaborative - Center for East West Medicine Research & Education

In addition to social distancing and enhanced sanitation measures recommended by the CDC, it is also vital to boost our own immune system to avoid progression of illness that would require hospitalization. Help support the UCLA Center for East-West Medicine (a component of the UCLA Health Integrative Medicine Collaborative) in collecting, synthesizing and disseminating health guidelines from our Chinese colleagues for the prevention, treatment and recovery stages of COVID-19.

Integrative Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) play an important role in global healthcare. It has been reported that more than 91% of COVID-19 patients in China received TCM treatments, including herbal medicine, patent Chinese medicine, acupuncture/acupressure, and mind-body therapies like Tai chi/Qigong. Data suggests that introducing TCM treatment modalities and other integrative self-care approaches may help prevent and/or delay COVID-19 progression. We intend to interpret, disseminate and add to this growing evidence for the benefit of our communities.

Your gift to the COVID-19 Patient Care and Healthcare Provider Protection Fund through this fundraising page will support the UCLA Center for East-West Medicine in:

  • Creating safe and effective recommendations appropriate for the U.S. population based on best authoritative and evidence-based information from China and other countries
  • Developing herbal and acupressure clinical trials in helping infected patients and front-line workers, respectively
  • Online Education Programs for healthcare professionals in explaining how TCM interventions can be used for different phases of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases
  • Health care worker recommendations in how to limit their risk of infection by enhancing their own immunity
  • Online Patient Education on integrative medicine practices and TCM approaches in disease prevention 
  • Guideline recommendations on herbal teas, diet, acupressure and mind-body therapies one can do at home

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