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Olivia's Mattel Youth Ambassador Project

Experience in the community is imperative to uplift society. The enrichment of the youth today is through selfless acts with intention of little reward. Helping others one step at a time is the essential to the development of all communities. Specifically, community service started as a requirement from school to voluntarily signing up for diverse youth outreach programs. The Mattel Youth Ambassador is how I can simultaneously gain valuable leadership skills while giving back to the community in interesting new ways. Community service reveals my experiences of how I give back to the community and how principal community service is as a whole.

Volunteering sharing positive values that help real people make real differences in other communities. As a whole, community service is imperative to one's character development and becoming a well-rounded individual. Without the drive to gain money from these experiences means community service is for the community only, and it is up to the volunteer to gain values. Additionally, community service allows those who manage a team and build trust between each other because of their shared goal to help people. Creating skills to work effectively with other volunteers and the public creates attentiveness to the situation at hand. Furthermore, working with all kinds of people of all ages shows volunteers how different people think and react once problems arise. After working with different kinds of people, I have started to create my own leadership style through networking which is the best way to stay in contact, meet new people, and share experiences. Learning to commit to an organization and lead it at all times is the most difficult skill to develop, but consequently, the most important. Without commitment, volunteers cannot establish a successful community or provide effective teamwork. Lastly, learning from past mistakes serves as the most valuable lesson that opens new opportunities and ways to avoid the same failures in the future.

Since my first experience with the Thousand Smiles Foundation, I now share the same mission to foster strong international relationships and help provide professional medical treatment without cost to patients. When you have access to medical care, it is easy to take it for granted. However, the exposure to other communities has shown me how important it is for everyone to have access to medical treatment, no matter the condition they have. No matter what country, it is up to those who are fortunate to help those who are less fortunate. Now I realize the reward in helping others is feeling purpose and involvement to establish a community to foster commitment, support and empowerment.

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