Brooke's Mattel Youth Ambassador Fundraiser Project

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Brooke's Mattel Youth Ambassador Fundraiser Project

This past year, I have begun volunteering in the Patient Transport program at UCLA. I loved moving patients from place to place as I was able to become comfortable with my surroundings as well as with those I interacted with. As I am not able to volunteer in Patient Transport at UCLA Hospital at the moment due to COVID-19, I joined the Mattel Youth Ambassadors in order to stay connected with the UCLA community. I still want to be able to help the hospital from home.

But more than that, I want to be able to improve upon myself during quarantine. As a basketball player, I have struggled to get out and play due to COVID-19. I had the idea that I could raise money for UCLA while also improving upon my skills as a basketball player. For each donation I receive, I will shoot 60 shots-- 10 from 4 different spots, plus 20 free throws. I will track my progression throughout the length of my project, hopefully proving to myself and others that I can help myself and those in need at the same time, and that improvement comes from a good mindset, time, and effort.

I love playing basketball, but I also am interested in the idea of being a part of the medical field when I am older. I feel this is a great way to combine both of my interests into a way to do good, both for myself and for Mattel Children's Hospital.


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