"Get Well" Comfort Cards by Amanda

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"Get Well" Comfort Cards by Amanda

Hi! My name is Amanda Penichet and for the longest time I’ve found myself to have an affinity for working with children, particularly in a medical context. While this longing has manifested itself in internships and volunteering experiences with children, the current COVID-19 pandemic has not only impacted my ability to directly be involved with this younger community, but it also, more importantly, has inflicted a harmful mental toll on children and adults alike who are currently hospitalized and are facing increased hospital socializing restrictions. Thankfully, the Mattel Youth Ambassadors program offered me an opportunity to help these different, struggling patient populations - even from a distance.

The dynamic of the hospital - especially the children’s hospital - has experienced a drastic change during this pandemic. Previous activities and socializing made possible for the patients have been reduced to a bare minimum due to the rightful fear of contamination. Unfortunately, this newfound isolation and overall change in environment has understandably been difficult to cope with for patients and has therefore been the cause of a spike in depression and stress.

My goal in making and sending out these “Get Well” comfort cards to the patients currently hospitalized in different areas of UCLA Health, including the Mattel UCLA Children’s Hospital, is to assure them that they are not alone and encourage them to keep a positive attitude towards the future and thus their health. Importantly, comfort cards let the recipient know that they are being thought of during their time of illness, sickness, or injury and are thus crucial symbols of love, friendship, and solidarity.

While a boost of happiness is what we all need right now, you are in a position where you can help these patients regain the strength and courage they need - especially during these uncertain times.

By donating, you will be helping the Mattel UCLA Children's Hospital and Volunteer Services to help gather funds for numerous other beneficial patient programs such as music and art therapy programs for the patients, art and activity kits, holiday and birthday celebrations for the patients, and other special needs for patients and their families.

As a token of gratitude for these helpful donations, I will be continuing to make these cards until the end of the fundraiser, April 2021. These cards are placed into a “Cheer Box” by the Volunteer Services and are distributed to various patient populations, including those of the Mattel UCLA Children’s Hospital.

Thank you! Let’s spread the love!

Amanda Penichet 


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