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Fitness Challenge 4 the Children

Childhood only lasts for a short while and should be filled with carefree days and good memories. However, when an illness occurs this “Disney-like” view of childhood is interrupted. I experienced a short detour from my own childhood as a cyst grew on one of my ovaries requiring surgery to remove it. While this diversion for me was short, it could be long for others transforming a normally happy time into one filled with sadness and uncertainty. The financial burden related to hospitalization can be dramatic for a family. All too often a family lacks the monetary resources to make good memories.

As a UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital Youth Ambassador, I am fundraising to support programs for hospitalized children, such as music and art therapy programs, art and activity kits, holiday and birthday, and other special needs for patients and their families. "Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy” it reads above one of the portals as you enter Disneyland. Just as the Disney Immagineers create fun experiences for all the guests who visit the park, I imagine a world where every child can have the best childhood possible no matter the circumstances. It is my hope that through my fundraising efforts, I can make this dream a reality, so I ask you to join me to help those who find themselves in an unpleasant situation and provide a smile.

My goal is to raise $2,500 from now through the end of April for families to provide them with the assistance many need to make good childhood memories for their loved ones. If you have the ability, I encourage you not only to donate to support this very important cause, but to also take part in a fun fitness activity, such as hiking, running, biking, or in honor of this fundraiser to create your own happy memories.

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