Hannah's Mattel Youth Ambassador Fundraising Project

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Hannah's Mattel Youth Ambassador Fundraising Project

Hi! My name is Hannah Kim and I'm one of the many ambassadors for the UCLA's Mattel Children's Hospital. When I was browsing through the UCLA Health Volunteering website for an opportunity to give back to community amidst a pandemic, I found this opportunity to be, not only a rewarding, but special way to help those around me. This project focuses on the community's pediatric patients.

Residing in a big hospital such as the UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital can be overwhelming and intimidating for a child of any age. To make children just as comfortable and supported as they would be outside the hospital walls, the Mattel Children's Hospital makes great efforts, providing patients with immersive activities, gifts, and even celebrations for special days. Unfortunately, because we are all experiencing a global pandemic, these patients are unable to interact or play with their friends. Therefore, the Hospital strives to take a step further to make its patients feel just as comfortable.

The hospital relies on you and the community to provide its children with comfort and support. All funds will directly be going to services such as:

  • Music programs for patients
  • Art and activity kits
  • Holiday festivities for patients
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Special needs of patients and families

All donations make the greatest difference! Thank you so much :)

If you do not wish to receive further fundraising information from UCLA Health Sciences, please either call us at (855) 364-6945 or email us at hsd_optoutucla@mednet.ucla.edu providing your name, address, phone number, email, and from which department you're requesting to be removed. Please review UCLA and the UCLA Foundation’s Disclosure Statements for Prospective Donors at www.uclafoundation.org/disclosures

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