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Dara's Mattel Youth Ambassador Project

Hi, there! My name is Dara Dooley, and I am a Youth Ambassador for the Mattel Children's Hospital. The $2,500 I am hoping to raise for the hospital will go toward the Child Life Department and the Volunteer Services Department, both of whom use the funds to better the hospital experience for the children.

My family has been a part of UCLA for as long as I can remember, as my dad is a Bruin. In high school, I really started to explore my interests, specifically in medicine. After my sophomore year, I worked as an intern at Dr. Dubinett’s UCLA Lung Cancer Research Lab. It was a fantastic experience--I really enjoyed my time in the lab learning about the types of immunotherapy and getting glimpses at both their clinical and preclinical trials. The next summer--this past summer--I knew I wanted to get more exposure to a hospital setting, and that is how I came across Mattel Youth Ambassadors. After researching the program, I knew it was a perfect fit, as I would get the chance to interact with everyday patients, and I was going to be serving children who would really benefit from volunteers such as myself.

Due to COVID-19, we currently cannot go into the hospital. The funds I am hoping to raise are extremely vital to the kids now more than ever. They need to feel safe and loved in the hospital. With the Child Life and Volunteer Services Departments working on crafts, care packages, and new technology for the kids, all funds are focused on these children and making their experiences more than just tolerable. Some of the most popular programs that these funds support include Music Programs for Patients, Art and Activity Kits, Holiday Festivities for Patients, Birthday Celebrations, and Special Needs of Patients and Families. Any amount donated is greatly appreciated, thank you for considering Mattel Children’s Hospital.


Dara Dooley

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