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UCLA Radio Pledge Drive 2016

Raised toward our $5,500 Goal
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UCLA Radio Pledge Drive 2016

Who we are? 

UCLA Radio is made up of over 150 unique, creative, and passionate students dedicated to bringing quality programming to our listeners. UCLA Radio has been broadcasting on campus since 1962, when we were established as a “terrestrial radio station” in the basement of Dykstra Residential Hall. Now operating out of a cave in Ackerman and broadcasting online, our audience consists of listeners in such diverse places as Australia, Italy, England, and Brazil. 

The station is completely student run and listener supported through charitable donations and our own fundraising efforts.  

Our eclectic programming features shows spanning a wide variety of musical genres as well as talk radio shows featuring comedy, news, and sports content. 

In 2012, our station was named the #1 Student Run Internet-Only College Radio Station in the country by College Music Journal. 

What is our goal for this project? 

UCLA Radio has grown a great deal over the past year. Our listener base has expanded tremendously and we have been lucky enough to attract in station performances and interviews with the likes of Shamir, Elephante, and Sarah Silverman. The attention we have been receiving is extremely exciting for all of us and we hope to use this momentum to expand our brand and move towards a new level of professionalism. The money raised through this project would allow us to purchase equipment that improves the quality of our stream, adequately furnish our station, and provide our in station guests with the professional hospitality they deserve. 

What we will be able to do with the funds raised 

  • $129 Equipment Cart
  • $30 Refreshments for in station performances 
  • $210 New chairs for our station 
  • $400 Towards our annual end of the year awards gala 
  • $25.76 Production cords 
  • $129 Silent typing keyboard
  • $1,899 Adobe suite 
  • $500 New Streaming computer
  • $400 Remote Broadcasting unit
  • $100 DJ controller 
  • $2000 Contingency fund for future equipment repairs 

What we could purchase if we meet our stretch goal 

  • $15 Portable digital recorder
  • $470 Printer
  • $100 Supplies for printer and for making stickers and buttons
  • $300 Comedy Show
  • $30 Camera Strap
  • $40 Tripod
  • $30 Sign for Rolling Party Unit
  • $100 Projector
  • $150 Hospitality for artists coming in for In-Station Performances
  • $565 Hosting concerts and other events
  • $500 Marketing (including publishing our schedule in the Daily Bruin year-round)
  • $200 DJ Launch Pad



UCLA Radio provides a creative and intellectual outlet for students at the undergraduate and graduate level. In addition, it provides other students, and members of the community a source of news and entertainment. We are able to give new artists a platform to showcase their artistry and gain more of a following. With your help, we can expand the reach and professionalism of our station, to more members of the Los Angeles community and beyond.

Thank you!

On behalf of UCLA Radio, we thank you for your continued support. Without your generosity, we could not continue to grow and thrive. Thank you so much!!


Our way
of Thanking You


You Da!

Your $10 donation will allow us to purchase new cables for our in-station performances. As a thank you for donating, we will give you a shout out on our Facebook page!

13 of Unlimited Claimed
Estimated Delivery: July 2016


Feed a Starving Artist

With your $25 donation, we will purchase cables for in station performances, as well as refreshments for any artists or interviewees that come to our station to perform. We'll give you some student-designed UCLA Radio stickers and buttons!

(A $17 tax deductible donation.)

14 of 100 Claimed
Estimated Delivery: September 2016


"Hi, Mom!"

Your generous gift will allow us to buy back-up cables for our studio and for live performances. To show our appreciation, we will give you an on air shout out that will also be featured on our SoundCloud!

13 of Unlimited Claimed
Estimated Delivery: July 2016


Dear John...

Your $100 donation will go towards purchasing a DJ controller! For your generosity, please accept a shout out on air and a hand-written letter from one of our DJs!

12 of Unlimited Claimed
Estimated Delivery: September 2016


Bronze Level

Your $250 donation will allow us to purchase new chairs for our station! To show our gratitude, we will send you a student-designed UCLA Radio T-shirt!

(A $240 tax deductible donation.)

14 of 100 Claimed
Estimated Delivery: September 2016


Silver Level

You just bought us a new streaming computer! As a thank you, you will receive a bundle with a new vinyl, as well as student-designed UCLA Radio buttons and stickers!

(A $477 tax deductible donation.)

4 of 20 Claimed
Estimated Delivery: September 2016


Gold Level

With your $1000 donation, we will be able to purchase a silent-typing keyboard, an equipment cart, as well as fund our end of the year gala! To thank you, we will play a five-song set of your creation on one of our shows!

1 of 100 Claimed
Estimated Delivery: September 2016


You Look Like a DJ!!

You just bought the station a remote broadcasting unit and Adobe Suite! To show our gratitude, you will have the opportunity to guest DJ a show!

0 of 100 Claimed
Estimated Delivery: July 2016
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