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Help UCLA Fencing Club Reach it's Goal!

UCLA Fencing Club has been a part of UCLA for many decades. As a collegiate club sport, we have won numerous awards in the Southern California collegiate division and have hosted the famous UCLA Okawa Open for many years. Many of our members have been accomplished fencers, having won medals in various regional and national competitions. Our goal has always been to spread the sport of fencing to the UCLA community.

In recent years however, the COVID-19 crisis has created difficulties, and as of now, we are practicing solely online. And because of this, our funding has started to decline. Above all, the COVID-19 pandemic made it very difficult to maintain a stable roster.

This is why we are asking you to donate to UCLA Fencing Club. Once the COVID-19 pandemic is over, we can fund for these necessities and start re-building our club. 

With your help, we can improve on many things. To list a few things, we can maintain a better inventory of equipment for our members and travel to more competitions beyond our local collegiate events. We want to make our club more competitive, and your funding will also allow our members to have the necessary resources to travel and participate in competitions like the UCSD Blade Runner Regional Open Circuit or even some North American Cups held outside of California. 

And while we stay online, we also plan to use some of these funds to host speaker events with accomplished, world-class fencing athletes. These events would not just be for our members or the fencing community, but also for anyone interested in meeting an Olympic-level athlete and learning about the sport of fencing. 

We thank you for your support for UCLA Fencing Club. Any help will make a lasting impact to the future of our club and community. 


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Under-arm Protector

This is a vital piece of equipment, protecting fencers from being injured by broken weapons during bouts. To an extent, this is even more important than a jacket.


Floor Cable

Floor cables connect reels to the main scoring machine.


Weapon (Foil and Saber)

Foil and saber fencers make up 50% of the club. Foil, one of the three weapons, is a thrusting weapon with the valid target being just the torso and back. Saber, another of the three weapons, is a slashing weapon, with the valid target being the upper body, including mask. One saber will last around 1 year, and a foil will last 3 to 4 months.


Weapon (Epee)

Fencing is not fencing without weapons. Epee, one of the three types of weapons, is a thrusting weapon with the valid target being the whole body. Over half of our fencers are epee fencers, and one epee can last a fencer 5 to 6 months.


Transportation Fee

This will cover fuel for traveling to any major competitions in SoCal division, including UC Santa Barbara, USC, UC Irvine, and more.


Electric Jacket

Foil and saber fencers require an electric jacket on top of their other gear, as their target area is limited. One electric jacket can last up to a year in good condition for competition standard.


Fencing reel

Fencing is electrically scored. During fencing matches, a fencer will plug in his or her weapons chord to the fencing reel to be connected to the scoring equipment.

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