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Economic Crisis Response Team

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Supporting Bruins in Crisis

In 2010, UCLA established a student emergency fund, the Economic Crisis Response Team (ECRT) Fund, to support students experiencing financial hardship in their life. The available funds assist currently enrolled students who cannot meet immediate and essential expenses due to an emergency. For the students who depend on it, the Economic Crisis Response Fund is sometimes the only thing between them and dropping out of UCLA. One unexpected bill or cost can be the reason why a student doesn't finish their degree. By giving to the ECRT, you can help fill the gaps in funding that these students cannot meet themselves and act as a support system for those who don't have anyone else to turn to in these situations.

The Economic Crisis Response Fund is funded entirely by members of the Bruin community like you. The Economic Crisis Response Team (ECRT) uses the funds to provide support and guidance to students who have self-identified or have been identified by UCLA faculty or staff as experiencing a financial crisis that impacts their academic success at UCLA. With your support, the multi-disciplinary team of staff and faculty who administer the fund can act quickly to fulfill requests from students.  

With optimism for our eventual return to campus on the horizon, we look forward to employing new ways to support our students and increase support for the ECR Team. The Economic Crisis Response Fund's impact is sustained by the unwavering generosity and contributions from UCLA alumni and friends. Your gift will help alleviate students' worries of covering unexpected expenses during a financial crisis, allowing them to focus on and maintain their academic success. With your support, the multi-disciplinary team of staff and faculty who administer the fund can act quickly to support Bruins. 

ECRT utilizes the emergency funds to create a safety net for students facing financial challenges beyond their financial aid resource, including:

  • Loss of wages in hourly or part-time work 
  • Unanticipated travel costs
  • Food and housing expenses 
  • Supplies, hygiene products, and other basic needs
  • Other unexpected costs arising from severe changes to daily life

A gift of any amount helps meet a student’s time-sensitive need. 

If you are, or you know, a student experiencing a financial crisis beyond their already available financial aid resources, please contact the Economic Crisis Response Team by completing the ECRT Self Assessment Intake FormFor more information, updates, and available resources for students, click here.

For the latest updates and advisories related to COVID-19 and UCLA's response, click here.


Choose a giving level



Bruins experiencing sudden financial insecurity may need basic necessities like hygiene products. Your gift could go a long way for a student who is experiencing a lack of income due to the pandemic.



Many students are still facing financial insecurity as a result of the pandemic. $50 could be used to help support these students pay their internet bill, which is critical for remote learning.



$100 can cover an unexpected medical cost for a student afflicted by Covid-19, or in need of prescription medication due to mental or other physical health.



Can help mitigate an unanticipated transportation cost, like a plane ticket home.



Some UCLA students may not be able to travel home during these unprecedented times or experience difficulty paying rent in an off-campus apartment. A gift of $500 could be used to provide 3 weeks of emergency housing.



A $1000 grant can support a student to degree completion by ensuring that they are able to meet all their basic needs on a regular basis. The cost of education goes beyond just tuition, and there are many factors that affect a student's trajectory. This generous gift can help them achieve the dream of a UCLA diploma.

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