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Kwame Firempong Memorial Fellowship

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Kwame Firempong Memorial Fellowship

Welcome to the Kwame Firempong Memorial Scholarship. Kwame was different, unique, and destined for greatness. Kwame’s vision was to reshape society so that health inequities no longer exist. The Kwame Firempong Memorial Fellowship aims to uplift and support a dual degree MD/MBA student in their quest to improve outcomes for under-resourced communities and combat health inequity through advocacy, outreach, and mentorship of the next generation physician-leaders.

Kwame was a beloved member of both the Anderson and Geffen communities. His passion for advancing intersectionality and equity was just one of the things that made him so cherished on campus. Friends described him as being kind, thoughtful, funny, and brilliant. 

Kwame with his Prime X cohort at Geffen

 His close friend, and fellow classmate, Chris shared these words about Kwame: 

“Kwame was different and unique and destined for greatness. He never got in trouble and always had the best grades. His dream was to become a doctor, specifically, a surgeon. I knew in high school that he was special and he was going to accomplish that goal. He was going to save lives and inspire the next generation of doctors. When I heard that he was pursuing his MD at UCLA and was also an MBA student at Anderson, I was so excited to reconnect with him. We met over lunch a few months ago in Playa Vista with another Anderson classmate, Ben Antoine, and chatted outside at some tables as if no time had passed. We spoke about classes, basketball, and high school memories. He was like another little brother to me and I would do anything to protect him and I always supported him when I could even during our time at Anderson. I would have given my life for him if I had the chance because it was my job as his big brother to protect him.”

We hope you will join us in our mission to extend Kwame’s legacy at UCLA. 

The Kwame Firempong Memorial Fellowship provides an award to a student who has demonstrated commitment to practicing medicine and leadership in underserved communities and is committed to training the next generation of leaders and physicians to do the same.

1. Kwame’s vision is to reshape society where health inequities no longer exist.

2. Kwame’s vision is to bring brilliant, compassionate, and gracious leaders together to build a Los Angeles where health inequities no longer exist.

3. Kwame’s vision is to empower brilliant and compassionate leaders in the Los Angeles community to build a community where health inequities no longer exist.

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