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CruX Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) Projects

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About Us

The brain is the most complex structure and arguably the most powerful tool known to man. Humankind is only beginning to understand how it works, how we can mimic it, and ultimately repair and enhance it.

CruX is a student-led organization at the University of California, Los Angeles that strives to raise awareness and interest in the emerging neurotechnology industry as well as provide undergraduates with opportunities to foster and develop essential skills to advance this complex field. All CruX members work with a small team to create a Brain-Computer Interface (BCI), with impactful applications ranging from sleep apnea diagnosis to mental prosthetic arm control for individuals with amputations or spinal cord injuries. 

Our teams use state-of-the-art OpenBCI headsets to collect electroencephalogram (EEG) brainwave data, which we then process and analyze to create powerful AI classification models. Currently, CruX owns one OpenBCI headset, shared amongst 13 BCI teams. We need your help to make sure all of our members are able to access this amazing technology, so they can use it to pursue their passions and improve the lives of others. In addition to the headsets themselves, there are various other costs associated with the BCI projects, including gel, cables, and project-specific costs such as hardware for prosthetics. 

The advance of neurotechnology is an international movement, with the power to propel society forward and help people around the world. This is reflected by the fact that CruX @ UCLA is part of a larger organization known as NeurotechX. With your donation, you ensure that CruX will remain a flourishing component of this global field, empowering members to join the community, learn, and contribute.


Should this fund reach the campus minimum required for the establishment of an endowment or quasi-endowment, The UCLA Foundation reserves the right to convert this fund to an endowment or quasi-endowment. Please click here to learn more about how the UCLA Foundation invests and manages its endowments. 

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Every donation is useful!

Though we can't afford anything directly with $10, your donation is just as important and appreciated by us! Thank you!


Container of Electrode Gel

For $20, we can purchase a container of electrode gel! This is crucial for us to properly connect the EEG headset to the user's scalp and typically lasts for 3 months upon opening


Cable to connect headset

For $30, we can purchase a cable that connects our electrode cap to a bioamplifier. This allows us to view and work with the signals on our computer!


Robotic Arm

For $100, we would be able to purchase a robotic arm to utilize alongside the headsets for projects! Several teams are working on projects where brain signals translate into robotic arm movement, and this would be crucial for further research.


Wet EEG Cap

For a whopping $500, we would be able to afford an entire wet EEG cap! This is a headset that uses conductive gel or fluid and is the cheaper of two types of headsets we use here at CruX.


Dry EEG Cap

For another whopping $800, we could afford a dry electrode headset! This records brain signals more accurately once the electrode gel is applied, giving us more accurate data to use in projects to further develop research!


All-in-one EEG Kit

For a grand total of $2500, we would be able to buy an all-in-one kit from OpenBCI, including a Cyton+Daisy Biosensing Board 16-channel, the OpenBCI EEG Electrode Cap, and a header Pin to Touchproof Electrode Adapter. This is everything we need to get one team straight to data collection!

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