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Support Opportunity: UCLA Scholarships

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Support Opportunity: UCLA Scholarships

A college education can change how someone sees the world, expand their potential, and provide a new sense of purpose. It is one of the most reliable accelerators of upward socioeconomic mobility. 

Unfortunately, students with great promise are being left behind due to the rising costs of higher education. Your gift to scholarships helps provide financial security, confidence, and the foundation for incredible students to achieve their dreams at UCLA and beyond. 

Your support makes you part of the UCLA Affordability Initiative, a campus-wide effort to ensure exceptional students with the talent and desire to make a difference can attend and thrive at UCLA, regardless of their financial circumstances. 

As the leading elite institution for socioeconomic mobility, UCLA surpasses its peers in providing students a path to a better future. Scholarships make this possible.  

About half of our students receive financial aid and scholarships in order to attend UCLA, but the typical packages leave a significant gap in funding, resulting in students taking out loans and part time jobs that detract from their studies and ability to focus on their professional development. We can do more for our students through scholarship support. 

Scholarships reduce the amount of money students need to borrow and work off during school. 

Empower students to fully immerse themselves in the UCLA experience and explore their passions both inside and outside of the classroom, such as: 

Every dollar you contribute is one less dollar of student debt. 

Across the nation, the cost of higher education continues to grow. In fact, the biggest hurdle for students working to achieve their degrees is cost of living. 

While UCLA's tuition is more affordable than private institutions, the total cost of attendance is still a challenge for many students. Scholarships allow students to focus on their college experience, rather than focusing on how to afford it.  

The UCLA Affordability Initiative is a campus-wide effort to make an undergraduate degree more affordable by raising money for scholarships to eliminate the potential burden of student loans. The Initiative aligns with the commitment by the University of California to provide state residents with pathways toward debt-free higher education. UCLA is the first UC campus to step forward and announced the Initiative in April 2023. 

As part of the Affordability Initiative, your gift makes you part of the special community of donors who want to create a better future for our students, their families, and our communities. 

On behalf of our incredible students, thank you for your support! 

Thank you for opening doors to higher education. 

Thank you for helping change someone's life. 

A special thank you to Roger Lee for our incredible video. Thank you to all the scholarship recipients who shared their stores. 

For more information on UCLA Scholarships or how you can get involved, please feel free to reach out to UCLA Scholarships at UCLAscholarships@support.ucla.edu

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Honorary Class of 2028

Honor the future Class of 2028 with a gift that will help make UCLA a possibility for our most in need students with your gift to scholarships.


Scholar Supporter

Help cover the average of one quarter of a student's science lab and course material fees at UCLA.


Legacy Champion

Support UCLA in its 104 year of promoting student excellence through scholarships and financial assistance.


Nourishing Dreams Together

Help alleviate the stress of meal expenses of a student living off campus during finals week by covering their meals for one quarter's finals week.


Opportunity Advocate

Help cover art supplies for a one-quarter art class for six students.


UCLA Optimist

Cover the cost of a UCLA student's books and supplies for an entire school year.


True Bruin Advocate

Cover every day expenses of a student living on-campus for an entire year (transportation and personal expenses).


UCLA Game Changer

Cover the cost of one quarter of tuition and fees for a hard-working, high-achieving student.


Affordability Initiative...

Join the Affordability Initiative by providing a Bruin with an impactful scholarship to reduce the need for student loans.

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