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Bruin Spacecraft Group Campaign

Welcome! We’re Bruin Spacecraft Group, a multidisciplinary organization founded with the intent of providing a creative and supportive environment for space mission design and development at UCLA. Our teams comprise students of all backgrounds, majors, and personalities: artists and physicists, businessmen and women, scientists and engineers. We’re not just building the next generation of space pioneers–we are making an impact here and now at UCLA.

We are currently pursuing four independent engineering projects: Project Rapid, Project Reach, Project Overseer, and the Sandbox Initiative (learn more at

For this Spark Campaign, we are asking for your help to make Sandbox Initiative a success. This year’s Sandbox challenge was to create and submit a proposal to NASA’s Micro-g NExT competition–a program that challenges undergraduates to design a tool for astronauts to use in a microgravity environment.

Last December, NASA’s Johnson Space Center (JSC) announced that two teams from Bruin Space have had their proposals accepted and will be traveling to the Neutral Buoyancy Lab in Houston to test their devices alongside NASA engineers. We are extraordinarily proud of our members, but we currently lack the funds to make this dream of visiting NASA JSC a reality.

This is where you come in! The costs of building designs, testing tools, and travelling to Houston quickly add up. Your donation, no matter what size, will directly help us send our undergrads to the Neutral Buoyancy Lab.

Donate today to help our organization reach to the stars.

Surface TeamSurface Sampling DeviceSampling celestial objects can help us learn about their composition and origins, but collecting samples from moving objects in micro-gravity conditions is no simple task. To address this challenge, our Surface Sampling team designed the Kinetic Propulsion Sampling Device. This handheld device first uses mechanical spring power to launch a projectile that disrupts and collects the surface layer of a given sampling area.

Surface Team Members:

Sai Sasank - Assistant Engineer

John Theurer - Assistant Engineer

Nadine Tabucol - Lead Engineer

Alexander Gonzalez - Lead Designer

Ruiyao (Lacey) Sun - Outreach (not pictured)

Also pictured: Alex Blaya - Sandbox Initiative Project Manager

Subsurface TeamSubsurface sampling is one of a space probe’s most important activities, as substances below the surface are preserved in their original form, unaffected by harsh solar radiation and extreme temperatures. Members of the ‘Drillers at UCLA,’ ourSubsurface Sampling team, created Excalibur, a manually operated acquisition drill designed to tackle dynamic missions–it is capable of sampling materials ranging from loose regolith to those harder than sandstone!

Subsurface Sampling DeviceSubsurface Team Members:

Ariel Lavi - Safety Operations Manager

Kyle Johnson - Mechanical Engineer

Chloe Liau - Lead Engineer

Aditya Gorla - Mechanical Engineer (not pictured)

Jose Cebreros - Outreach Manager (not pictured)

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