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Support #UndocuBruins !

About our Campaign:


The Campaign at a glance...

We are launching this campaign because we stand in solidarity with the UCLA #UndocuBruins Community, especially during this current political environment against them. We recognize undocumented students do not qualify for federal financial assistance and some may be ineligible to find employment. Through this campaign, we hope to alleviate some of their fiscal burdens. 

Our project has opened just months after the decision from the White House to eliminate the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. As a result of DACA’s termination, many #UndocuBruins have expressed their distress over their futures; including their ability to continue or pursue higher education.

Our DREAM...

This fundraising-campaign is will raise money in support of the #UndocuBruins Community at UCLA. It’s our goal in establishing this program to financially assist our fellow #UndocuBruins in obtaining a quality UCLA education, regardless of economic situation. We want to foster a supportive environment for their scholastic development, but we need YOUR help!

As UC President Napolitano said "This backward-thinking, far-reaching move threatens to separate families and derail the futures of some this country's brightest young minds, thousands of whom currently attend or have graduated from the University of California" and we commend her support of our #UndocuBruins!

This project is about community empowerment and demonstrating the academic commitment and excellence of our peers, regardless of the immigration status.

We're taking action on this cause like many other campus leaders, including UCLA Chancellor Gene Block, who said UCLA “...will continue to provide you [undocumented students] and student groups with information and campus support services, including legal and counseling services, in the days and months ahead.” We join this campus-movement to raise support and awareness for #UndocuBruins


Who are #UndocuBruins?

Read from #UndocuBruins themselves on how they would benefit from an educational award...


Find out who's promoting this!

USAC, Office of the General Representative 1

The Office of the General Representative 1 is one of fourteen elected offices of the UCLA Undergraduate Students Association Council, the officially recognized student government. As General Representative 1, our Office represents the broad interest and diverse voices of the whole undergraduate student body.

Our Office is composed of committed and diverse Student Leaders, all of whom dedicate their time towards fighting and advocating for Undocumented Students, People of Color, Members of the LGBTQ+ Community, and students from other marginalized communities. We have structured our Office around advocacy, social justice and creating institutional change for marginalized students.

We dedicate this fundraising-campaign for the UndocuBruin Educational Award program to help our fellow bruins get ever-closer to reaching their educational goals and in solidarity with the Community of #UndocuBruins!


BRC, Undocumented Student Program at UCLA

The Undocumented Student Program (USP), within the UCLA Bruin Resource Center (BRC), supports undocumented students by providing caring, personalized services and resources that enable students to reach their highest potential. Through a variety of programs, workshops, and partnerships with students, campus allies, and community stakeholders, USP strives to support all members of the #UndocuBruins community. By advocating for educational equity, empowering students, and fostering a campus environment, USP celebrates the unique contributions of all its members.

* NOTE: As entities under the University and therefore the State, we are bound by University of California policy which states that only AB 540 students are eligible for financial award grants. However, the Undocumented Student Program at UCLA, housed in the UCLA Bruin Resource Center, offers a multitude of excellent resources and support services to all Undocumented Students, regardless of their status as an AB 540 student. References in student-testimonials to a scholarship are considered references to the educational award. Your donations are highly appreciated and nevertheless assist an Undocumented Student in financial need!


Our way
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We know all you current UCLA Bruins want to help, but you too may be feeling the financial struggles of undergrad-life... So donate the kind amount of $8 and join us for a group 8-clap!

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