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Scholarships Campaign for Future Bruins

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Scholarships Campaign for Future Bruins

As the number of applications to UCLA continues to grow, so does the cost of higher education. For many students, attending UCLA is made possible by the scholarships they receive. Tuition increases are prevalent across the nation, and state funding is declining. The notion of student debt will prevent the best and brightest from even considering higher education, let alone accepting an offer to enroll.

By investing in undergraduate scholarships, you will offset some of this cost—and help prospective Bruins achieve their goals and effect positive change. More than half of UCLA students receive some sort of financial assistance. Your gift to the Undergraduate Scholarships fund helps attract some of the most promising students to attend UCLA.

At UCLA, nearly 40% of students come from families with a household annual income of less than $50,000.

UCLA already attracts the best students from around the nation with over 119,000 applications last year. A compelling financial aid package means these top students are more likely to attend UCLA. Scholarships allow students to focus on their academic studies and discover enriching activities outside of the classroom rather than taking on multiple jobs and being burdened by debt. For those that have taken out loans while a student at UCLA, the average cumulative debt at graduation was $21,596. 


With today’s economic shift, state funds now constitute only 7 percent of UCLA’s total revenues. As a result, the cost of tuition for a California resident to attend UCLA has increased 72 percent in the past five years This particularly affects middle-income families who may not demonstrate the need that lower-income families do. A scholarship eases the financial burden that so many families and their students would otherwise have.

Undergraduate scholarships are awarded based on merit or financial need and helps students reduce the amount of money they borrow or pay out of pocket. These scholarships help students spend less time working and more time focusing on their schooling. You can help students feel financially confident to pursue their passions—setting them on a path for future success.

There is a need for low, middle-income, and merit scholarships, and your gift makes a significant difference in a Bruin’s life.

         #1 public university in the nation (tied with UC Berkeley).

        #1 in socioeconomic mobility at elite universities.

        #1 in opportunity.



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Honorary Class of 2022

Honor the future Class of 2022 with a gift that will make UCLA a lucrative possibility for them. Help recruit UCLA's best and most in need students with your gift to scholarships.


Opportunity Advocate

Over 55% of UCLA undergraduates receive some sort of financial assistance. Be part of UCLA's mission to provide opportunity.


Centennial Champion

Join in UCLA’s Centennial Campaign goal of increasing student support with scholarships and financial assistance.


Scholar Supporter

Help cover the average science student’s lab and course material fees at UCLA.


UCLA Optimist

Covers the cost of a UCLA student’s books and supplies for an entire school year.


True Bruin Advocate

Covers every day expenses of a student living off campus for an entire year (transportation and personal expenses).


UCLA Game Changer

Covers the cost of one quarter of tuition for a hard-working, high-achieving student.

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