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Support UCLA Women's Club Basketball for the 2019 Season!

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Support UCLA Women's Club Basketball for the 2019 Season!


Two years ago, a women's club basketball program did not exist at UCLA. In response, in early 2017, a group of girls who shared the same passion for basketball and a desire to play at a competitive level combined their efforts to found the UCLA Women's Club Basketball program. Because of their proactivity, and the generous help of donors, UCLA Women's Club Basketball had a successful first official season in 2017-18.

This group of hardworking girls is determined to make a presence on campus and improve the precedence of women's athletics. The 2018-19 season is just the girls' second season together, and they need your help! The program demands several costs: travel, tournament fees, coaching compensation, paying referees, as well as uniforms and other basketball gear. Completely student-run, UCLA Women's Club Basketball works hard to promote a fun and competitive environment for its players; however, we would be so appreciative of any support we receive!

Without an established group of alumni, finding donations to alleviate our program's costs has proven difficult; and, as a group of full-time college students, any help offered goes a long way! We hope that you will consider making any dollar amount donation to support our efforts of establishing our presence on campus and achieving our goals in competition against other university club teams. The UCLA Women's Club Basketball Team is extremely appreciative of any donation --  your support goes towards the girls' passion for the game of basketball and being able to compete at a high level while pursuing an esteemed education at the University of California, Los Angeles. 


Curious to see how your donation can help us? Check out our "levels" section to see what your generosity offers. Even a small gift goes a long way and helps us grow and succeed. Thank you for your time! We hope to see you at a game soon!


Above: The UCLA Women's Club Basketball Team after a 57-42 win over USC

All the best, 

Solana Fernandez  | UCLA Women's Club Basketball Vice President and Media Relations

& the entire UCLA Women's Club Basketball Team, too!



As a young club established in 2017, the UCLA Women's Club Basketball Team lacks many resources, including experience and an extensive alumni base. The initial years of this program are particularly important; we must work to create an excellent foundation so that the future girls of this program can be provided with security. Club basketball demands expenses for many articles such as equipment (uniforms, gear, basketballs), tournament and officials' fees, travel costs (transportation, lodging, food), in addition to a plethora of other items. Therefore, running the program with a minimal budget is impossible. With some help, though, the financial burden can be alleviated, allowing these girls to compete and grow as bother basketball players and human beings. Please consider supporting our program and helping us fight our way to victory. We dedicate this season to you!


The girls of the UCLA Women's Club Basketball Team all share a love for the sport of basketball. Each individual played high school varsity and wishes to continue to compete while furthering their education across a broad pool of majors including sociology, psychology, MIMG, bioengineering, biology, political science, and MCDP. All of these Bruins are hardworking and passionate, both in their studies and on the court. Despite the demands of the classroom, the girls still find the time to make it to the gym and play the game they love.

Several of the Bruins describe their ardor for the sport:

“Resilience, cooperation, discipline – the list goes on. These are just a few of the qualities that I have been able to develop as a result of playing basketball. Another reason I highly value basketball is because it is therapeutic to me; in the midst of our hectic academic lives, peace can be found on the court. I am very grateful for our basketball club at UCLA which continues to provide me with the opportunities to better myself as a person and player.”

Marianna Martinez, 2nd Year Undeclared Major


“Ever since I started playing basketball in middle school, I loved it. Not only has it allowed me to become stronger physically, it instilled in me what teamwork and hard work means and become mentally stronger as an individual. As a freshman, I hope to continue to have basketball as my outlet and mentor. I’m glad to have found this program at UCLA. It not only provides me the opportunity to play competitively at a higher level, but also to form new connections and continue learning rewarding lessons that are important in life.”

Kristen Fung, 1st Year Psychology Major

"Basketball has always been a safe haven for me since picking up my first ball in the 6th grade. It’s one of the few things that allows me to put my many responsibilities on hold for 2 or 3 hours and enjoy the sport I love. The UCLA Women’s Club Basketball program was my very first safe space upon coming to college completely alone. It was in this space that I found comfort from everything else that seemed so uncomfortable to me as a freshman. Aside from basketball, this program has allowed me to develop leadership skills, professionalism, and lifelong friends. It is something that I am proud to be a part of and continues to be a highlight of my collegiate career."

Raeshondra Dike, 3rd Year Psychology Major

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The Bruins drive to their away games, often in player-owned vehicles in order to alleviate car rental costs. One expense that must be covered, though, is the price of gas! $15 will roughly cover fare of gas for one car when traveling to an away game.


One Basketball

An important item for basketball is, well, a basketball! As a young club, we do not have many resources, which includes basketballs to use for practice and play. It is imperative that we have basketballs in order to play basketball!


Warmup Shirt

Donating $25 can pay for a Bruin's warmup shirt! Help us represent the UCLA Bruins as we get ready for our games.


Home Jersey

As a team, UCLA Women's Basketball needs team uniforms. Contributing $45 purchases one home jersey, so that a player can represent the UCLA Bruins accordingly as she competes!


Away Jersey

As a team, UCLA Women's Basketball needs team uniforms. Contributing $45 purchases one away jersey, so that a player can represent the UCLA Bruins accordingly as she competes!


Home and Away Jerseys

As a team, UCLA Women's Basketball needs team uniforms. Contributing $90 purchases one home and one away jersey, so that a player can represent the UCLA Bruins accordingly as she competes!


Uniform Set

As a team, UCLA Women's Basketball needs team uniforms. Contributing $180 purchases home and away jerseys, as long as the according basketball shorts, so that a player can represent the UCLA Bruins accordingly as she competes!


NIRSA Regional Championship

UCLA Women's Club Basketball intends to attend the NIRSA Championship Shootout (A Regional Tournament) hosted by yours truly, UCLA. In order to participate, the club must pay a tournament fee. Help contribute so that we may contend with other competitive club teams!

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