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East Coast Adventure: UCLA Cycling's Journey to Georgia

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East Coast Adventure: UCLA Cycling's Journey to Georgia

Dear Friends, Family, and Alumni of UCLA Cycling



Cycling provides an outlet for many people to discover new places, friends, and physical and mental abilities. While cycling has countless benefits, the sports biggest obstacle is that it's expensive. The UCLA Cycling team aims to bridge the cost barrier by providing the necessary resources through school and community donations. However, as college students with a limited budget, this is hard for us to do. Our two biggest goals are nationals and a storage locker.

On May 10th, 2019, UCLA Cycling aims to repeat podium (top 5) finishes in Augusta, Georgia, at the USA Cycling Collegiate National Championships. Our yearly budget does not cover all of the costs, including transportation, registration, lodging, and enough food to feed six cyclists for half of a week. We race in three events, including the team time trial (TTT), criterium, and road race. We were able to secure 3rd in both the TTT and criterium in 2018 thanks to help from donors including yourself. In 2017, we also landed on the podium in 4th place for the TTT while achieving a 9th place in the road race.


In addition, we are fortunate to have equipment donated to us throughout sponsors and alumni. These donations are crucial for helping us provide cycling enthusiasts with the necessary gear to get out on the roads. We have found a storage solution that is spacious, conveniently located and, most importantly, safe for our equipment. Your donations will allow us to pay for the storage unit for 12 months!


Visual Cost Breakdown



The cycling team has an immense impact on those who participate, whether it is a form of exercise, social networking, influencing the greater community, or all of the above. Alumni and family, including you, have created a positive learning environment for our student athletes to grow from their experience on UCLA Cycling. Many of our alumni have become entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, and more. We have even had professional cyclists graduate from UCLA Cycling, who have also raced at Nationals which helped define their college experience! You may remember you college days and how the challenges you faced helped you learn, but the community around you contributed to your learning. UCLA Cycling needs your help to ensure our college students mature and learn from the cycling team and develop as better human beings. We need you to help us achieve our goals, just as you did, of increased organization among the team while racing at the highest level in the country.


UCLA Cycling and collegiate racing embodies the mentality of not single-minded focus, but rather active rotation and demonstrating ability to shift attention between healthy facets of life. While having an overarching vision is powerful and path orienting, finding smaller and achievable goals are just as important in the development of self-understanding and societal meaning in a rapidly changing world. These late teenage years and early 20’s are a time of transition.


In addition, we are greatly involved in the larger community by promoting safe cycling through treacherous streets of Los Angeles. We have volunteered at the Los Angeles River Ride, mentored younger cyclists to commute and race safely, and are currently working to help host an Alzheimer's Charity Ride on June 1st with our sponsor, TomBot Robotics.


Find us out on the road at our local coffee shop sponsor, 10-Speed, volunteering at events that promote safe riding in the streets of Los Angeles, or helping host charity rides for the Alzheimer's Association!

You can help support this vision of collegiate racing that we hold. You can make an impact on the lives of 40+ current members, and countless future ones.


Thank you!

The UCLA Cycling Team


A huge thank you to our sponsors:

Our way
of Thanking You



Receive an 8-clap video from the team in Georgia! Covers a pre-race meal for a hungry college cyclist who's about to go out there and burn upwards of 2,000 calories.

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Estimated Delivery: May 2019



We will give you a shoutout on our social media page! This covers one post-race dinner for a hangry cyclist that just rode their heart out in a top-level bicycle race.

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Estimated Delivery: May 2019


The Chase

Personalized thank-you email! Covers cost of shipping one of our beautiful bike one-way across the country.

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Estimated Delivery: May 2019



We will send you a signed poster of our team! Finances the registration for one of our racers for one race. (a tax deductible contribution of $90)

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Estimated Delivery: May 2019


Stage Winner

Behind-the-scene updates from the road and the weekend, signed poster. Pays for one out of six round-trip flights to Georgia. (a tax deductible contribution of $490)

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Estimated Delivery: May 2019


GC Winner

Invitation to end of the year dinner, updates from the road, and custom UCLA Cycling clothing item. Pays for our living accommodations over the 5-day journey.(a tax deductible contribution of $975)

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Estimated Delivery: May 2019


World Champion

You are an official sponsor! We will publicly acknowledge your donation and we invite you to ride with the team in LA. Also, receive monthly updates from us and clothing options. Covers flights for most athletes. (a tax deductible contribution of $1,950)

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Estimated Delivery: May 2019
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