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*STRETCH GOAL* Grant a Patient's Wish: 3 Wishes Program at UCLA

Participation Drive
188 Wish Granters
Towards goal of 175 Wish Granters
$15,784.00 Raised
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Project ended on December 31, at 11:59 PM PST
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January 06, 2020

353 patients enrolled in the 3 Wishes Program since December 2017

1,262 wishes granted

1,655 fingerprint and hair keepsakes

126 word clouds

41 hand molds

4 wedding celebrations

2 mariachi bands

188 donors, including you!


These are just a handful of the tokens that your contribution has helped the 3 Wishes Program deliver to our patients at the end of life. Thanks to you, we exceeded our stretch goal of 175 “Wish Granters” and have raised $15,784 for this meaningful program!


It is especially hard for families to be in the Intensive Care Unit during the holiday season. Our patients can’t share in the cheer, open gifts in their own home, or be with all of their friends and family. Thanks to your support, we were able to bring the holiday spirit directly to one of our patients, Frances, and her family, even during their saddest moments this December.


We decorated Frances’ room with festive lights, made a hand-mold of her and her husband’s hands, brought in a mariachi band to honor her past as a mariachi dancer, and created an EKG keepsake so that her husband could keep the rhythm of her heartbeat forever. Her husband tells us that these acts of kindness made her death more bearable, and he will cherish these keepsakes forever. You helped make this possible.


We are filled with gratitude for your commitment to the 3 Wishes Program. Thank you, again, for making such a meaningful impact in the lives of our patients and their families.



Dr. Thanh Neville

3 Wishes Program Director


P.S. See the enclosed photos below to share in the bittersweet joy we brought Frances and her family during this very difficult time this holiday season (these are shared with permission).


December 09, 2019

We are thrilled to announce that our first ever participation campaign for the 3 Wishes Program has exceeded it’s 125-donor goal with 22 days left to go!


We are incredibly grateful to each and every one of you for playing a part in this fantastic success. Thanks to the collective power of your gifts, we have raised $9,674 from 131 “Wish Granters” so far.


You have helped grant a patient’s dying wish. You have helped bring dignity and compassion to end of life care. You have made a remarkable difference for patients and their families at the most difficult time of their lives.


We’re not stopping yet. With 22 days remaining in our campaign and a committed group of supporters behind us (that’s you!) we have decided to stretch our goal to 175 donors of any size!  Your commitment, generosity, and belief in our mission have gotten us this far. Consider sharing this proud accomplishment and our new goal with your friends and family.


Thank you for your partnership. We truly could not do this without you.

Choose a giving level


Making Memories

You can give a family a lasting memory of their loved one. Your gift will help us provide families with a thumbprint keychain, a hair keepsake, or a framed word cloud.


Grant a Wish

The average cost of a patient's wish is modest: just $30.34. The impact the granted wish has on the patient, the family, and their care team is truly priceless.


Grant 3 Wishes

A patient's wish costs around $30 on average. Your gift of $100 could grant three or more wishes!


Comfort and Care

You can provide the family members comfort to humanize the dying process and create positive memories of their loved ones. Your gift can grant wishes to 8 patients!


Celebrating Life

You can bring celebration and meaning to patients’ lives by honoring the patient and dignifying the process. Your gift can grant wishes to 16 patients!


Expansion and Training

The hope of the 3 Wishes Program is to continue to expand the program to UCLA Health’s other units and even other hospitals around the country. Your gift can contribute funding to the expansion and impact numerous patients, families, and clinicians that could benefit from this remarkable program.

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