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Level Up UCLA Esports - An Official Club Sport on Campus!

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Level Up UCLA Esports - An Official Club Sport on Campus!

In 2018, UCLA Esports started as a Club Sport with less than 15 members. Now we boast over 80 members competing across various titles such as League of Legends, Dota2, Overwatch, Hearthstone, Smash, and Rocket League. We have proudly established our presence on the collegiate level and continue to represent the Bruins!

Our players pursue their passions while being supported by volunteer coaches, managers, and analysts. Together with their teammates, our members learn valuable skills like teamwork, communication, and leadership. But more than anything, UCLA Esports is like a second family for many of our players. Students who previously may have struggled with finding the right community for them now have a home at UCLA Esports.

We are a 100% student-run with seven dedicated directors who have been instrumental in the continuing growth of our organization. Each individual understands the positive impact that a tight-knit, supportive community can have on a student; the development of both personal and leadership experience can stem from students being either players, managers, or coaches. Our organization's staff (ranging from coordinators to videographers to treasurers and more) learn leadership, organization, and communications skills - all which are applicable outside of esports.


We are running this Spark campaign to ensure that our student-athletes are able to compete in national tournaments and represent UCLA at the highest level of gameplay. We hope to be able to raise enough funds during this campaign to attend tournaments across the nation. With our rapid growth brings difficulties providing appropriate accommodations. While we try our best to assist our members by providing funds for travel and other expenses, it has placed an enormous financial strain on our organization. To fund our club, we rely mostly on our members dues and small fundraisers throughout the academic year. Our goal is to raise $8,000 to help cover the costs of sending our student-athletes to tournaments and hosting other top-tier universities here at UCLA.

Your donation will help alleviate some of the financial stress that comes along with being a student-run organization as well as enabling our athletes to successfully represent UCLA at the intercollegiate level! You will be an integral part of the reason our club sport can continue to operate and grow in the newest facet of collegiate competition!




Our way
of Thanking You



We appreciate all your support! Every donation counts, and even $5 goes a long way in supporting our organization! ($5 tax-deductible)

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Estimated Delivery: February 2020


Video from the Teams!

For this level, you'll be sent a video from one of our teams thanking you! This amount will help transport one player to a nearby event. ($10 tax-deductible)

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Estimated Delivery: May 2020


Signed Card

As a thank you for this donation, you will get a signed card from UCLA Esports Athletes and staff via mail. This donation helps pay for an entry fee for one player into a small tournament! ($23 tax-deductible)

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Estimated Delivery: April 2020


Team Photo

Signed team photo of your choice for this donation! Our players need to be fueled for gameplay, and this will help pay for lunch for an entire team at an event. ($45 tax-deductible)

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Estimated Delivery: April 2020


Name on our Website

You will be added to the list of donors on our official UCLA website! (Tax deductible $75)

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Estimated Delivery: May 2020


Esports Graphic

Choose between 3 different graphics that will have your name on it! (Tax deductible $85)

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Estimated Delivery: July 2020


Meet the Teams!

Come out and meet the students that compete for UCLA Esports! This donation will help pay for an entire team's entry fee into a tournament. ($125 tax-deductible)

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Estimated Delivery: May 2020



With this donation, you will be awarded with a coaching session from either our OW or LoL coach. This is an exclusive offer, as our coaches have professional team experience! Donations this big will cover the high prices of our advanced equipment. ($270 tax-deductible)

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Estimated Delivery: June 2020


Dinner with the team!

With a donation this big, it's clear that you're a huge fan! Some events require private bussing and this donation will help cover those costs. As a thank you from our team, you and one other person will be our guests for dinner at one of UCLA's award-winning dining halls. ($959 tax-deductible)

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Estimated Delivery: June 2020
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