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Thank you for making a difference in students' lives.

May 08, 2020

Dear Donors,


Thanks to you, we have surpassed our goal of 500 supporters. Your incredible generosity strengthens UCLA’s efforts to respond to students facing unprecedented financial hardship from to the evolving COVID-19 public health crisis. Your gift is already making a huge difference for students facing loss of wages and difficulty paying for basic necessities like housing, food, and healthcare.


Over the past several months, we have seen the Bruin family from all around the nation and the world rise to the occasion to support students in need. Your generosity is inspiring during difficult and uncertain times and we sincerely thank you for helping us reach our goal.


As the challenges presented by COVID-19 evolve, the Economic Crisis Response Team (ECRT) will continue to serve students. If you are able to, please share this campaign with your friends and family as we continue to build support and resources for the Economic Crisis Response Fund.


We'd like to share a message from a student who has recently received funding from the ECRT:

“I got a job at school in order to relieve some financial stress from my dad. My dad is the only source of income for our family of five and he’s self-employed selling tortillas, chips and tostadas to local grocery stores. Most of the stores he sells to are pretty small and they’ve been closing or cutting their hours due to the current circumstances. Not being able to work remotely and losing my job suddenly really scared me because me moving back home meant that my dad would have another mouth to feed. I was talking to my coworkers and my boss and they told us to look into loss wages compensation from the Economic Crisis Response Fund, so I did and a couple weeks later I got the funding. I’m really thankful because it meant I could help out with groceries or any other needs that might arise. Thank you so much.”


Thank you for your support of UCLA students and thank you for being part of the Bruin family.


How Your Gift is Supporting UCLA Students Facing Financial Hardships

April 28, 2020

Dear Donors,


We hope that you are continuing to stay safe and healthy. Thanks to the incredible generosity of more than 315 supporters like you, we have raised almost $200,000 to support UCLA students impacted by COVID-19 and we are continuing to strive toward our goal of 500 donors.


In the 6 weeks since the University announced the transition to remote learning, the Economic Crisis Response Team (ECRT) has received over 1,530 requests for financial assistance due to loss of wages from the COVID-19 crisis. Students have reported that their immediate financial need is typically $1,800 to $2,000 and their top priorities are tuition, rent and utilities, food, textbooks, and healthcare. ECRT Case Managers are working with students on an individual basis to determine how best to support them.


As COVID-19 continues to present challenges, we know that students will continue to face financial hardships and widespread disruption to their personal lives and academic success. We thank you for your compassion as we support students through difficult and evolving circumstances. Please share this campaign with your networks and help us leverage the power and generosity of the Bruin community: spark.ucla.edu/ECRT   


Here are just a few of the stories that students shared with us. Please know that your donations are already making a huge difference to these students and many others:


“I use my wages to pay tuition and fees here at UCLA. As a first generation, low-income student, I cannot afford to not have a job as it is the only reason I am an enrolled student. Without these wages, I cannot afford to be here and will have to result to dropping out and transferring.”


“My father retired due to health issues a few years ago and my mother is a substitute teacher’s aid for the school district, so our family income is already limited. With my sister and I in college, I am very dependent upon my income to pay for everyday personal and medical expenses, as well as contributing toward larger expenses like rent. Additionally, I regularly help cover my co-workers’ shifts to work extra hours, but with all events cancelled for now, I will no longer be able to work the hours I need.”


 “I work at a restaurant, which has now moved to doing only takeout. My hours have been drastically cut and we think it is likely our restaurant will be shuttered completely. We do not know when we will reopen fully and are just playing everything by ear.”


Thank you.

New Stretch Goal!

April 06, 2020

Dear Donors,


In response to the COVID-19 crisis, we set out with an ambitious goal to bring together 250 supporters to strengthen emergency relief efforts for UCLA students through the Economic Crisis Response Fund. In less than two weeks, you've proved we're #BruinStrong and exceeded the goal! 


Thank you for your willingness to answer the call and your incredible generosity during these trying times. Your gifts are already providing critical relief for students facing loss of wages.


Inspired by your optimism, we are introducing a stretch goal of 500 donors. We know that there will be a continued need among students as the Safer at Home Order has extended through April 31st. Students are now starting the second week of an unprecedented Spring quarter through remote learning. For many students, this will present ongoing challenges as they face hardships paying for basic necessities. With your help, the Economic Crisis Response Team will continue to support and provide crucial resources.


We hope you will share this campaign with your friends and family using this link: spark.ucla.edu/ECRT 


Thank you and let's keep #BruinStrong going! 


“My income from my job was a huge factor in being able to pay for college. But now I cannot work and earn money, especially when it matters most. My mom's workplace recently closed down due to COVID-19. My mom works very hard to support my 12-year-old sister and me as a single mother, and my extra wages would help us pay for things like groceries and rent. No one in my family is currently making any money." - A student who will be receiving funding from the Economic Crisis Response Fund

Thank you!

March 30, 2020

Dear #BruinStrong supporters -

You are amazing. With your collective generosity, the #BruinStrong Economic Crisis Response has reached 83% of its goal of 250 donations of any size.

In just a few days, 208 donors have contributed over $136,000. We cannot thank you enough. 

Every single dollar will be used to address the needs of Bruins who are experiencing financial hardship as a result of COVID-19.

Every donation ensures that Bruins continue on the path towards earning their degree.

Every gift shows that together we are stronger. 

We look forward to sharing stories of the impact you're making throughout spring quarter, which officially starts today. 

You've already done so much just by making a contribution. If you haven't done so already, please consider sharing the #BruinStrong Spark projects using the built-in buttons at the top of each project page. In this unprecedented time of need, every share keeps UCLA #BruinStrong. 

Thank you again for your incredible support of the UCLA community, and for being our partner.  

Choose a giving level


Food Insecurity

With less than $10, you can provide 2 meals to a Bruin who is unable to return home for Spring quarter.


Basic Necessities

Bruins experiencing sudden financial insecurity may need basic necessities like hygiene products. Your gift could go a long way for a student who experiencing a lack of income as a result of Covid-19.


Lost Wages

Many students will be facing financial insecurity in the coming months as a result of lost wages due to on campus or other business positions affected by Covid-19 social distancing measures. $50 could be used to help support these students pay their internet bill, which will be critical to their remote learning capability.


Unexpected Medical Cost

Can cover an unexpected medical cost for a student afflicted by Covid-19, or in need of prescription medication due to mental or other physical health complications.


Unexpected Travel Cost

Can help mitigate an unanticipated transportation cost like a plane ticket. Many students who planned on living on campus during Spring Quarter will now need to return home for remote learning.


Emergency Housing

Some UCLA students may not be able to travel home during this time or experience difficulty paying rent in an off-campus apartment. A gift of $500 could be used to provide 3 weeks of emergency on-campus housing.


ECRT Grant

A $1000 grant can support a student to degree completion by ensuring that they are able to meet all their basic needs on a regular basis. The cost of education goes beyond just tuition, and there are many factors that affect a student's trajectory. This generous gift can help them achieve the dream of a UCLA diploma.

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