UCLA LGBTQ Health and Wellness Initiatives

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UCLA LGBTQ Health and Wellness Initiatives

There are four pillars to UCLA's vision for LGBTQ Health and Wellness: Clinical Care, Advocacy, Research and Education. Your gift will support the growth of LGBTQ programs through the following initiatives:

Dr. Emery Chang, MD

Establish Patient Education and Resources

The life process for LGBTQ people and their families can be complicated and difficult.  Therefore, we intend to provide useful educational materials to people who have limited resources.  These may include books, resource guides, online information, and other relevant materials.  Additionally, these resources may be used to allow patients to attend conferences or meetings, and to develop innovative educational and support programs (e.g. in-house support groups, or peer mentoring programs).

Dr. Amy Weimer, MD

Promote LGBTQ Health Advocacy

Frequently, there is need for professional advocacy for the LGBTQ community at the local, regional, state and national levels, to support policies to protect and improve LGBTQ Health.  This fund will assist health care professionals to engage in advocacy work.  Potential activities may include logistical support for direct advocacy work (such as travel to meet with lawmakers) and the promotion of awareness surrounding specific LGBTQ health issues.

Advance UCLA LGBTQ Research

This initiative will boost LGBTQ research activities by funding pilot projects to improve health outcomes, developing best practice guidelines, and designing larger-scale research projects.

Dr. Natalia Ramos, MD, MPH 

Provide Education on LGBTQ Health Care

In-depth training in LGBTQ health topics is often overlooked in medical school and residency curricula. These funds may be used to provide scholarships for trainees and faculty to attend specialized trainings, and to develop educational materials including an LGBTQ-focused lecture series with the goal of increasing long-term capacity to serve the LGBTQ community’s health needs.  

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