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Who Are We?

We are ASC, the UCLA Alumni Scholars Club, a student organization composed of UCLA students who are Alumni Scholarship recipients. The goal of ASC is to provide Alumni Scholars opportunities to network, career plan, and more using the PIECES model:

Promote opportunities unique to the UCLA Alumni Association.

Identify and promote service programs to Alumni Scholars.

Encourage a strong social bond among Alumni Scholars. 

Create productive relationships with alumni.

Encourage leadership among Alumni Scholars.

Support scholarships for the education of promising students.

To provide these opportunities to students, we hold many events and programs throughout the year such as pre-professional workshops, the Alumni Mentor Program, finals study sessions, and professional clothing drives. We also cultivate philanthropy in our scholars through volunteering opportunities that are multifaceted and wide-reaching in their scope. One of our overarching goals is to expand our programming in such a way that allows wider whole-campus involvement in events such as Locks of Love and My Last Lecture - more information provided below!

The Alumni Scholars Club is devoted to continually expanding its programming to further develop our scholars as future leaders in medicine, business, engineering, the arts, and every field in between. The funding that donors like you provide goes towards allowing our students to pioneer new projects that are offered both uniquely to Alumni Scholars and to the entirety of the UCLA student body. Some of our newest endeavors include our “World Through the Lens of Race” series, financial literacy seminars, reinvigorated research workshops, and new student ambassador outreach programming.

With remote learning, we need to diversify and expand these events now more than ever. We want to ensure that students can experience the enriching UCLA campus community from home during a time that has produced many newfound challenges. However, these challenges have also offered us a unique avenue for the continued development of our programming. Without being restricted by location, we aim to be able to host events with guests from all over the world to lend Alumni Scholars insights into careers and graduate programs. With greater funding, we would also have access to the resources necessary to develop our events and offer them to the entire UCLA campus community.

The events and programs hosted by ASC are invaluable because they help shape future leaders. Alumni scholars can network with one another to make lasting connections that can help them gain further career and extracurricular opportunities. Alumni Scholars also have the opportunity to be paired with Alumni Mentors for guidance to help them achieve their academic and career goals both during their time at UCLA and beyond. In addition, ASC provides pre-professional workshops for pre-med and pre-law students to learn from leaders in these fields. ASC also teaches members valuable and lasting leadership skills through leadership workshops and holding positions in ASC’s executive board and specialized committees. ASC holds volunteer events so students can give back to the community, fostering generosity and empathy in our scholars. 


ASC fosters these valuable skills in Alumni Scholars so they can use them throughout their careers and their lives following graduation. These are the attributes of future leaders who will shape legislation, medicine, the arts, research, and more in the future!

Current Donations:

Having greater funding will produce tangible benefits for our organization. In order to see which generation of graduated Alumni has the most Bruin Spirit, this Spark Campaign will be held as a competition! Below is a donation tracker that shows which generation of Alumni have donated the most to our organization. No matter the size of your donation, it will help us get to our goal of 200 unique donors!

The History of ASC and UCLA:


Events Spotlight:

Alumni Mentor Program:

Students are paired with Alumni working in their field of interest so they can gain valuable insight from the professional and personal experience of their Alumni Mentor.

Locks of Love:

The UCLA community comes together to get haircuts from local stylists, so they can donate their hair to nonprofits that make wigs for children with medical conditions that cause hair loss.

My Last Lecture:

UCLA undergraduates elect a professor to share all the insights they have gained throughout their career by giving a presentation answering the prompt, “What would you tell your audience if you had but one lecture to give – your last lecture on this earth?”

Winter Formal:

Hosted annually during the opening weeks of Winter Quarter, Winter Formal is a newer ASC event that unites ASC and the campus community! A night of dancing and fun that all students look forward to yearly.

Leadership Development Program:

A year-long program in which students attend panels, workshops, and other events to improve their leadership skills and foster their leadership aspirations.


Choose a giving level


Mask Making Kit

Your donation allows our External and Internal Campus Volunteers to make and deliver masks to at-risk populations!


Blanket-Making Supplies

This donation will allow us to purchase the resources necessary to continue our "Bruin Blankets" event through which we make blankets for homeless populations!


Professional Guest Speakers

This donation will allow us to invite high-profile guests in rising industries to speak to our students about professional development. Free ASC T-shirt with a donation of this size! (tax deductible gift of $95).


Winter Formal Expansion

This donation will allow us to expand our annual tradition of Winter Formal and open it to the entire campus community! Free ASC T-shirt with a donation of this size! (tax deductible gift of $495).

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