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UCLA Ice Hockey: Being Elite

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UCLA Ice Hockey: Being Elite

UCLA Ice Hockey is one of the longest standing sports teams in campus history that dates back to 1926. The Bruins compete in the Western Collegiate Hockey Conference against some of the top west coast universities. With the help of you, the donors, the team finished with an 18-3-1 record last season, defeated the #4-ranked team in the west region in the University of Denver, and went to the championship game at regionals; one of the best seasons in our 96-year history. With your help, we plan on going even further next year and solidifying our place as the elite hockey program in the west coast!

Class of 2022 Seniors

For us to continue representing UCLA and preserving the sport of ice hockey on campus, we need your help. As an entirely player funded team, UCLA Ice Hockey has issues every year regarding funding. Our players pay extremely high dues for the team to afford equipment fees, league fees, travel fees, and practice fees. Beyond this budget allocation, we have very little room for additional spending, which brings us to the purpose of this campaign.

Where Your Donation Will Go

1. Travel

After a record-breaking season, the Bruins have put themselves on the map. After being invited to the Big Mountain Hockey Showcase in Colorado last year, the Bruins have already secured invitations to multiple additional showcases for the 2022/2023 season. In order to be able to attend these trips and showcases, the Bruins need your help. Following an ACHA Regional Championship appearance from last year, the Bruins plan to play many more out of conference teams along with much bigger and tougher opponents. Your donations will help the Bruins pay for travel expenses and allow them to prove that UCLA Hockey is a national contender. 

2. Video/Film Support

A major area that UCLA Hockey is currently lacking in is the video and film department. While other teams are able to purchase high-quality film equipment to use to record games and enhance video review, the Bruins have yet to do so. With your help, the Bruins can purchase the necessary equipment to help them bring their game to the next level with video review. Game film can be analyzed giving UCLA Hockey the necessary preparation and that much more of an edge over their opponents. On top of this, with more funding, UCLA Hockey plans to enter negotiations with streaming services so that you can watch your Bruins take the ice wherever you may be!

3. Ice Time 

Thanks to last year's donors, we were able to afford spring quarter practices this year! This gives us time to work on our skills in the off-season and be more prepared for the upcoming season. Although this is a big step forward, we would like to be practicing more than once a week during the regular season. After playing more competitive teams and reaching regionals this past season, it became even more obvious to us that these teams were benefiting from having more than one practice a week and yet we were still able to compete against those same teams. But imagine if we were able able to have more than one practice a week; our potential and success as a team could be even higher than our already record-breaking past season. Your donation can help make this dream a reality and send our team to greater heights.

In our past fundraising campaigns, our generous donors played an important role in the maintenance of UCLA Ice Hockey. Previous successful campaigns have enabled us to transition to our home rink at The Cube in Santa Clarita and helped alleviate the financial strains of buying new Rebirth uniforms. The success the team has enjoyed these past few seasons would not have been possible without the support of our donors, and we are forever grateful for your continued support. 

Celebrating the win against San Diego St.

By donating to our campaign, you are helping UCLA Ice Hockey become an elite program that will compete for a regional and national title. UCLA prides itself on the slogan "Champions Made Here," and by your contribution, you will help UCLA Hockey embody this sentiment and preserve and maintain one of the oldest traditions at UCLA. Our players cannot thank you enough for all of your support, and we look forward to making #BruinNation proud. 

Crosstown Cup Champions 2022

Again, thank you for your continued support and as always, Go Bruins!


Our way
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Social Media Shoutout

Donate $20 to receive a thank you post for your generosity on one of our social media accounts (tax deductible donation of $20).

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Estimated Delivery: June 2022


In-Game Intermission Shoutout

Donate $50 to receive a personalized thank you message over the loudspeaker at our rink during the 1st intermission of a game in our next season (tax deductible donation of $50).

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Estimated Delivery: June 2022


UCLA Ice Hockey Season Tickets

Donate $100 to receive a pair of 2022-2023 season tickets. We really appreciate your donation! (tax deductible donation of $40).

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Estimated Delivery: June 2022


Nike Polo + Team Picture

Donate 250 dollars to receive an official UCLA Hockey Nike Polo as well as a signed team picture! (tax deductible donation of $210)

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Estimated Delivery: April 2022


Nike Hoodie + Team Picture

Donate 500 dollars to receive the Elite Package! This includes a UCLA Hockey hoodie and signed team picture. Help the team improve and keep up with the competition! (tax deductible donation of $420).

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Estimated Delivery: April 2022


Official UCLA Hockey Jersey

Donate 750 dollars to receive a new, 2022, official UCLA Hockey Jersey. (tax deductible donation of $500).

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Estimated Delivery: June 2022


Home+Away Jerseys

Donate 1,000 dollars to receive a full set (home and away) of our new, 2022, UCLA Ice Hockey Jerseys (tax deductible donation of $500).

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Estimated Delivery: June 2022


Custom UCLA Hockey Goalie Mask

One of a kind custom paint UCLA Hockey goalie mask. Game worn by UCLA Hockey goalie Jake Kovinsky. Signed by local mask artist - Mike Fisher (@maxfloindustries) . Mask type: Bauer Profile 960XPM Sr Certified Straight Bar (Small/Medium in White). Photo of mask at the bottom of the description of Spark Campaign.

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Estimated Delivery: April 2022
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