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The Academic Advancement Program

The Academic Advancement Program (AAP) is the nation’s largest university-based student diversity academic program, consisting of innovative programs and services dedicated to bringing access, equity, opportunity and excellence to UCLA. This year, we are rallying to revitalize and expand the learning facilities of Campbell Hall, which represent the heart of AAP. In Campbell Hall you can find a hub of crucial student staff leading peer learning and counseling services, labs with technology for engaged learning and vital resources that support students’ basic needs.  

As a follow up to our successful 50th anniversary fundraising efforts, we are setting an ambitious goal of 500 donors, which would mark the most donors ever to AAP in a year. That means that your gift, no matter the size will make all the difference to our students. As a thank you, any donor who makes a gift can have their name added to a new donor recognition banner in the Learning Pavilion in recognition of all those in the community who helped with these efforts.  We invite students, staff, parents, alumni, and friends to come together and help us reach this historic participation goal. 

Mock up of a banner thanking donors for their support to the AAP 2022 Spark Campaign.

AAP is one of the nation's largest undergraduate student diversity programs serving 4700+ individuals from underserved backgrounds. Recognized as one of the “most creative, successful, and innovative” student retention programs in the country, AAP graduates the highest percentage of historically underrepresented students in the UC system and California State University System. AAP peer learning and peer counseling services are available to all AAP members, in which about 1500+ students utilize each quarter.

Graphic indicating 2022 demographic numbers for AAP.

AAP bridges the gap in educational advantage through services that promote academic excellence while fostering shared learning in a community of scholars. The rising demand for these services required the expansion of Campbell Hall in 2015, specifically the addition of the Academic Advancement Learning Pavilion. The addition added specialized learning laboratories, flexible workspace, and modules equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

The Pavilion has transformed Campbell Hall into a spacious, innovative facility for the increasing numbers of AAP students who need peer-facilitated learning, graduate mentoring, and academic, personal and career counseling. The Pavilion is the hub of activity for AAP students and ensures that UCLA remains responsive to the needs of its diverse student body.

However, since the initial expansion, it has become clear that a revitalization and expansion of the learning facilities and its services is now necessary. As we transition back to campus, we have new needs for technology with hybrid capabilities. Students facing increasing pressure and rising costs have made the demand for our peer learning, counseling and emergency services skyrocket. 

This year's campaign will focus on three critical priorities to ensure AAP can continue acting as a crucial hub of support for our students.

Peer Services

When fellow AAP students serve in the roles of counselors and leaders of peer-facilitated learning, it has positive effects on our student’s academic success, mental wellbeing and sense of belonging. While it is often intimidating going to faculty or staff for help, connecting to their fellow peers helps bridge this gap. 

Peer Counselors (PCs) are not only a friendly face to fellow AAP students, but they are properly trained through a curriculum that prepares them to address issues and challenges that students share with them. This allows PCs to appropriately respond and create a plan of action including seeking out additional campus resources for whatever they need, including mental health. The diverse makeup of peer counselors provides a trusting and familiar environment for AAP students seeking assistance and shared perspectives and experiences. Students are sometimes more willing to share mental health struggles with their fellow peers, making it crucial that AAP has enough PCs to support the community.

Peer Learning is designed to increase AAP students’ retention and graduation rates, and to expand the quality of students’ undergraduate academic experiences. Peer-facilitated learning sessions are offered to all AAP students who want to: strengthen their ability to think critically and independently; read analytically; write well; engage in interdisciplinary reasoning; and study effectively while mastering course material. The sessions offer students an opportunity to shape their own educational experiences and excel by building on the premise that critical thinking and intellectual independence are developed through questioning and dialogue.

Equipment and Space

As we are continuing the transition back to campus, we find that our current facilities, technologies, and resources need to be updated. These changes include updating and replacing furniture (e.g., tables, chairs, dry erase boards, etc.), learning technologies, such as new smart boards with cameras and speakers allowing in-person and Zoom sessions to run simultaneously to meet today’s students’ expectations. 

We need upgraded technology to ensure all our learning facilities are of the highest quality to meet the increased student demand for more peer learning and other AAP services.

Emergency Funds for Basic Needs

AAP provides financial relief during times of need to help students remain enrolled and continue successfully with their education. This even includes helping with the cost of groceries and gas. As these kinds of costs continue to rise, it is critical now more than ever that we support our most vulnerable students with basic necessities to keep them on the path of academic, professional and personal success. It is crucial that we keep offering these services as AAP students often feel the most comfortable asking for support in this way from AAP staff and peers. They are aware of our services and they know they can turn to AAP for help. 


Should this fund reach the campus minimum required for the establishment of an endowment or quasi-endowment, The UCLA Foundation reserves the right to convert this fund to an endowment or quasi-endowment.  Please click here to learn more about how The UCLA Foundation invests and manages its endowments.

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