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Timmy Global Health at UCLA Medical Brigade 2024 Fundraiser

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Timmy Global Health at UCLA 2023-2024


Timmy Global Health is an organization that works to improve health outcomes in underserved communities. They use a Community Oriented Primary Care model to support existing healthcare systems and strive to ensure that all communities they partner with ultimately have the necessary tools, skills and resources to reach their healthcare needs independently and sustainably. Our chapter at UCLA is a branch of the larger Timmy organization that shares the goal of promoting equity and increased access to healthcare. Our club is composed of students across a wide variety of majors who are devoted both to their studies and their community. Although many members are pursuing a career in medicine or health care, the medical brigade is for any member interested. Our club this year is composed of 40 members across all grade levels!


Each year, our Timmy chapter works with both the national Timmy Global Health organization and their international partners to organize a medical brigade. We travel with physicians, nurses, and pharmacists to deliver healthcare and medicine to rural communities. This past summer, we were able to serve 500 patients in Quito, Ecuador by partnering with a local hospital, Tierra Nueva. 

This upcoming year, we will be going to Montecristi in the Dominican Republic and partnering with Banelino to serve local community members. This trip (including lodging, flights, food, medicine, and local transportation) is all paid for out of pocket by members of the club which is why every donation counts! With your help, we can make the trip financially accessible for members as well as maximize the number of patients that we are able to serve.

Members of the club who are able to participate in the trip gain valuable clinical experience as well as the opportunity to serve others. On the clinical side, members are able to shadow one-on-one patient and provider interactions to learn how to become a better clinician and physician. Members of the club get hands-on experience taking vitals, learning thought processes behind diagnoses, and gain familiarity with commonly used prescription drugs.

Our members share a passion for promoting health equity both domestically and internationally. Throughout the school year, we host education, advocacy, and service events to get each student involved with their community in Los Angeles. Some things we have done in the past include volunteering at food kitchens, family clinics, and homeless shelters. 

We also have guest speakers who educate our members of pressing health issues. Our most recent speaker was a representative from End Overdose who educated our members on naloxone usage and testing strips. 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/timmyatucla/

Website: https://socialtimmyatucla.wixsite.com/timmyatucla

CLICK HERE for more information about the national Timmy Global Health organization. 


Should this fund reach the campus minimum required for the establishment of an endowment or quasi-endowment, The UCLA Foundation reserves the right to convert this fund to an endowment or quasi-endowment. Please click here to learn more about how the UCLA Foundation invests and manages its endowments. 

Choose a giving level


Fund Medicine

Cover the cost of medicine for a patient with common maladies such as diabetes.


Help Stock Supplies

Pay for a pulse oximeter that we use to take vitals at the clinic.


More Supplies!

Cover the cost of an automatic blood pressure monitor to accurately take patient vitals at the clinic.


Get the Medicine to the D.R.

Cover the cost of checking medicine bags from the U.S. to the D.R.


Lodging and Transportation

Cover the entirety of the costs for a member once in the Dominican Republic! This includes lodging, food, and local transportation.


Plane Ticket

Send a member to the Dominican Republic by paying for the cost of their round-trip ticket!

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