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Beyond the Atmosphere: BruinSpace's Satellite Mission

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Forging Tomorrow: BruinSpace's Quest to Pioneer Ion Thruster Technology

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At Bruin Spacecraft Group (BruinSpace), we're a group of passionate students from UCLA, excited about building spacecraft and exploring new horizons. Our goal? To develop a nano-satellite that will showcase a groundbreaking technology called ion thrusters, putting us on track to become the first undergrad team to launch one into space!

Led entirely by students, we're not just dreaming big – we're making it happen. Our aspiring space engineers are designing the entirety of our satellite, Rapid-1, from the reaction wheels that control the orientation of the satellite, to the solar panels that power the craft and centering around our demonstration of new ion thruster technology. Our mission isn’t just about advancing space tech; it’s also about giving hands-on experience to students interested in space and preparing them for amazing careers.

Our Flagship Mission: Rapid-1

Rapid-1 is a satellite with the aim of advancing the technology readiness level (TRL) of miniature ion thruster technonolgy, enabling students to gain experience in the aerospace field at a professional level. Through integration with new researched technologies, students have the opportunity to make real world contributions to the future of space travel.

Rapid-1 is comprised of 8 subteams which are responsible for their respective portion of the satellite. From mechanical, to electrical, to software, our members are commited to rigorous design process at the industry level in order to ensure mission success.


Shaping the New Generation of Space Engineers

For students seeking spacecraft experience, the Overseer Program is the answer. Our mission is to equip ambitious students with essential skills, knowledge, and practices for space mission engineering in a supportive environment.

Utilizing user-friendly high-altitude balloons, we aim to reach the stratosphere at ~100,000 ft. The goal? Design a reliable system for high-altitude research while training aspiring space engineers in hands-on skills for more technical projects.

Along with that, we also manage a Forge outreach series which focuses on bringing in industry professionals to foster members interests in current industry research and applications. 

Our Goals and Why We Need Your Help:

We're on a trajectory to launch Rapid-1 by 2025, an ambitious endeavor that requires critical milestones—a design review in early 2024, rigorous testing by late 2024, and final delivery in 2025. This timeline demands immediate action, making funding essential to our success.

For Project Overseer, our goal is to conduct advanced workshops on skills used on Rapid-1 to help train the new generation. We are introducing more rigorous real world applications of engineering such as budgeting, design, and manufacturing in the lab while collaborating with the Rapid-1 team to test essential components of their payload. 

Securing $10,000 from this campaign serves as our initial boost, fueling crucial phases such as prototyping, acquiring validation hardware, and procuring educational materials. However, sustaining this momentum and meeting ongoing financial needs heavily relies on our engagement with corporate sponsors and independent donors such as yourself.

How Your Support Makes a Difference:

Every donation, big or small, plays an integral role in our success:

  • $25 could ignite our experimental journey, facilitating material acquisitions essential for early prototypes.
  • $50 could significantly contribute to crafting vital components pivotal to our satellite's development.
  • $100 could markedly amplify our ability to conduct comprehensive tests and refine critical mechanisms, directly advancing our mission's success.

Your support isn’t just about funding a project; it’s about fueling the future of space exploration and inspiring the next generation of innovators.

Thank you for being part of our mission to make history among the stars!


Should this fund reach the campus minimum required for the establishment of an endowment or quasi-endowment, The UCLA Foundation reserves the right to convert this fund to an endowment or quasi-endowment. Please click here to learn more about how the UCLA Foundation invests and manages its endowments. 

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