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UCLA Men's Rugby - TEAM 90

We are the UCLA Men’s Rugby Team. Since 1934, our club has been a home for rugby-loving students at UCLA. We have a rich history of results at the highest level of collegiate rugby, and a drive to push ourselves even further. The team has always committed to being both an elite collegiate program, and a diverse student-oriented community. Fundraisers like this help the UCLA Rugby family reach the heights we all know this amazing program is capable of. For us to reach the heights we know we can, it's going to take a full team effort! That means we need you as well. Our message in 2024 remains the same... "1 IN ALL IN!"

For many years, rugby has had a home on campus at UCLA, and after a lot of disruptions to the program in the past couple of years, we are excited to be back on track! We've honored our 90-year legacy this season by referring to ourselves as "Team 90". Throughout this 2023-2024 season, we have returned the Bruins in the playoffs for the first time since 2018, been ranked 9th in the nation, and defeated the Oxford University Rugby Football Club in a historic matchup! With your support, our goal to become 'trailblazers' and lead the Bruins back to a National Championship title can be a reality. Our ambition, both on the rugby pitch and within campus life is to foster a culture and environment of young men that are continuously striving for excellence!

During the establishment of UCLA Rugby, this program has been supported by generous contributions made by family, alumni, and the UCLA community to keep it moving in the right direction. For us to grow and compete with the best, we rely heavily on these amazing contributions from donors across the world!  Donations allow us to travel to play top teams, compete at National tournaments, hire an elite, full-time coaching staff, have access to the best training equipment and facilities as well as operate outside of NCAA with all our day-to-day operating costs. Our new vision is to recognize and give back to that same community of alumni, families and supporters of the program that allow us to continue growing as a program. With your donations, allow your Bruins to compete at the highest levels of college rugby.

Thank you for supporting the Bruin rugby family! For updates on the campaign, the season, and our team, follow us on Instagram and Facebook. 


Should this fund reach the campus minimum required for the establishment of an endowment or quasi-endowment, The UCLA Foundation reserves the right to convert this fund to an endowment or quasi-endowment. Please click here to learn more about how the UCLA Foundation invests and manages its endowments. 

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Training Equipment

$50 donation is a great way to contribute to our training equipment needs for the program. This goes towards training cones, agility poles, training bibs, ball bags, hit shields and so on! Without these basics we are not able to develop our players to the best of our ability and like all rugby equipment, needs constant upkeep! (fully tax-deductible)


Rugby Equipment

Your donation of $100 can help us purchase rugby specific equipment such as custom branded match day balls or training balls. We roughly go through 40 balls a season from constant wear and tear (fully tax-deductible)


Game Day Kit Laundry

Thats right! We play a contact sport in the dirt. This means our brand-new team uniforms need constant care and attention from our friends at the laundromat each week. Getting all those rugby stains out of roughly 40 uniforms each week adds up. Our weekly cost for this is roughly $500 and sometimes more depending on rips and tears that need to be fixed! (fully tax-deductible)


Media Equipment

Each week we are required to film and share our matches with league officials. We also utilize this same software for important game review as a coaching and learning tool for our players. $1,000 takes care of all our media and video software needs that has been a huge growth tool for our players to see their performances and learn from them. (fully tax-deductible)


Live Streaming Games

Our families and alumni are all over the world and we aim to provide uninterrupted access to our players and the matches each and every week. To do this, we need the services of some of the best media equipment and staff required to fulfill this need. This is a huge priority for the program and $1,500 goes along way to maintaining this need. It demonstrates a way we can give back to our community by streaming games and sharing content of our players. (fully tax-deductible)


Game Day Operations

We are fortunate enough to play our home games on one of the best rugby fields in the country. The facilities also allow us to utilize the amazing resources at hand. This includes a live scoreboard with video replay capabilities, an amazing PA system for commentary and live music and amazing staff that take care of all our supporters to provide the best game day experience in college rugby! A $2,000 goes a long way to allowing us to have this available to all our supporters and visitors for every home game! (fully tax-deductible)


Acosta Athletics Center

This year, we lost access to the UCLA Athletics high performance facility, known as the Acosta Training Center for High Performance. Our entire squad was previously working with fully certified strength coaches from the UCLA Athletics department on a weekly basis. This service came with a price tag; it cost the club $2,500 a month to utilize these amazing facilities. Please help us regain access to Acosta by donating! (fully tax-deductible)


Assistant Coaches

We currently have some of the best assistant coaches in the country. For us to continue this trend we need to be able to compensate them accordingly. Monthly wages for our staff add up but a donation of $5,000 essentially covers a full month for our assistant coaches. Obviously our goal is to have a full time assistant coach but until then we are needing your help! (fully tax-deductible)


Team Lodging

To be the best you have to go far and wide to compete with the best. Some of our opponents within our conference are far away that we require lodging to allow our players the best preparation for our away matches. Hotel charges for taking 2 teams on the road add up significantly. Your donation of $7,500 covers a full squad (2 teams) on the road for a weekend, including the bus driver! (fully tax-deductible)


Team Travel

Our biggest expense each year is travel! In the past we have not been able to compete against some of our biggest rivals in college rugby due to this fact. Taking 2 teams to Utah, Arizona, Washington or the East coast adds up every year. We want to play against the best teams in the country and some of those teams are far and wide. $10,000 contribution to the program allows us to take 2 teams on these long road weekends against BYU, Penn State, Army or Central Washington that we have not been able to do in recent years! To be the best, you have to consistently play against the best! Especially with BIG10 conference moves potentially on the horizon!! (fully tax-deductible)

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