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Help us get to this year's D2 playoffs in Arizona and D1 Nationals in Kansas!

We are the UCLA women’s lacrosse program, which consists of two highly competitive teams with a combined 50 players. Our student-athletes are extremely dedicated to the sport, and commit more than 12 hours per week solely to lacrosse on top of their rigorous academic schedules. Our program strives to provide a highly competitive environment that encourages our players to push themselves on and off the field. We have players who have majors that range from psychology and molecular biology all the way to political science and mechanical engineering. Despite our busy lives, we all carve out energy and time every week to cultivate a positive culture throughout our program and foster a sense of belonging and closeness. This community lasts beyond our undergraduate years and can be seen through our close ties with our alumni dating back 32 years to our 1992 inaugural team!

This season has brought successful games for both of our teams, and our players were more than excited to get back out on the field. The Division I team began their season with a competitive scrimmage and won in overtime against NCAA Division III Pomona-Pitzer Colleges, who made it to the elite eight round of their NCAA DIII tournament in 2022. The Division I team notably excelled at the Golden State Invitational with wins against Michigan and Arizona State University, and a closely competitive game against Utah University. After finishing 7th in the nation at last year’s national championship, the Division I team is hungry for another shot at the national title and will finish their season against UCSD before heading to playoffs. Our Division II team competed in Northern California where they had a clean sweep, winning against both UC Santa Cruz and Stanford. After a tough game against their rivals, Cal Poly, Division II is eager to take on their last home game opponent, CSUN, before traveling to Arizona for playoffs! With the competitive league season coming to a close, both Division I and Division II are looking ahead to compete at the conference playoffs in April in Arizona, and Division I is excited to be attending the WCLA National Championship in Kansas at the beginning of May!

UCLA Lacrosse is a fully self funded team and receives NO money from UCLA Athletics. Most of our costs are covered with our member dues and other fundraising put on by our members. That being said, we have high amounts of travel this year in order to play the best competition with which comes high costs. We travel all over California and Arizona in our regular season, as well as Kansas for playoffs and nationals. Please help us as we continue to fight hard, improve our program, and hopefully bring home a natty!

UCLA Women’s Lacrosse isn’t just a team of players out on the field. As a program, we foster a competitive, supportive, and inspiring environment for female student athletes at UCLA to not only continue to grow their skills in the sport of lacrosse but also to be a part of a Brulax family. As a program, we participate in philanthropy events, such as donating gear to clothing drives and raising supplies for food drives. We have cultivated a relationship with Harlem lacrosse, inviting youth players to our games and to meet our players. We also host annual summer camps and clinics to help coach and spread the sport of lacrosse to younger players who have the hopes of one day joining the Brulax family as well. Through all of this and the time each of us dedicates to this sport and to this team, we grow such close bonds with one another that would be difficult to replicate in any other environment. We work with and for each other, both on and off the field, which makes being part of this team such an invaluable and unforgettable part of our college experience. Surrounding ourselves with strong, hard-working, and talented women, both present and past players, we are successfully cultivating an environment that will translate to important life skills that will help us succeed past graduation. The impact of sports on women has been demonstrated by their success in the business world. Studies show that 94% of women with C-suite positions played sports, with 52% continuing sports to a university level. Your contributions to UCLA Women’s Lacrosse allow us to continue to grow our Brulax family and help steer us towards successful futures.


Should this fund reach the campus minimum required for the establishment of an endowment or quasi-endowment, The UCLA Foundation reserves the right to convert this fund to an endowment or quasi-endowment. Please click here to learn more about how the UCLA Foundation invests and manages its endowments. 

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Your gift of $100 will help pay for one new updated Nike uniform for a team member. You know what they say... look good, play good!


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