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UC Haiti Initiative: Empowering Medical Education

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Off to a Good Start!

May 16, 2014

Thank you everyone for your support so far! You are now part of our team, as we could do none of this without your support. 

On day 2, we're already at 12% of our goal with over $600! There's been a lot of buzz on social media and our project has been highlighted in several news outlets:

Dr. Gordon is in Haiti right now with Dr. Belliot, so stay tuned for more updates!

With gratitude and excitement,


Thank You for Offline Donations

May 20, 2014

Dear Supporters,

We can't thank you enough for your generous gifts to help bring Dr. Belliot from Haiti to the US. We have have surpassed the $1,000 mark in less than a week, all thanks to your help!

We especially want to thank friends and family for their support offline. In particular, Deborah Gordon ($200), Mark Liszt and Karyl Sisson ($100), Sandra Gordon and David Leibowitz ($200), Pat Gavan-Gordon ($100) and Professor Christopher Chase-Dunn ($100).

We're well on our way and appreciate all of your work to spread the word through social media, email, and word-of-mouth.

Dr. Gordon just got back from Haiti after a very successful trip. In addition to in-person training, Drs Gordon and Belliot met with key hospital officials to secure a space and next steps for opening up Haiti's first rheumatology clinic. 

Check our the video update to hear Dr. Belliot talk about the importance of the project!!

Staying on Track!

May 26, 2014

Dear Supporters,

As we near the halfway mark of our page's lifespan, we are so excited to have reached 35% of our funding goal! In order to keep the momentum going, we are reaching out to more media outlets as well as networks within the medical field. We could not have gotten this far without your generous donations and your support on social media. Additionally, we would like to thank our families and friends for answering our eager solicitations with generous donations. 

As you know from our previous update, Dr. Gordon and Dr. Belliot are both ready to continue with the next phase of the project after a very productive week of working together in Haiti. We ask that you continue to advocate for our cause by spreading the word in your various networks. We promise to continue working on our end to ensure the success of this campaign. Once again, we thank you for helping us to reach this pont!

Each day, we move closer and closer to our goal. We are aiming to reach the 50% mark within the next week in order to stay on track. Please check back for more updates.

Lastly, we wish you a happy Memorial Day and hope that you enjoyed a lovely holiday weekend. 

With gratitude,



Over 50% Funded!

June 01, 2014

Dear UCHI Supporters,

We are fortunate to anounce that we have officially raised 52 percent of our overall funding goal!

As each of you know, our hope is for Dr. Belliot to come to UCLA this summer to train with Dr. Gordon in rheumatology. Therefore, we are incredibly grateful to each of you for investing in our project at this time. Our work, our vision, and our success would not possible without you.

We will continue to work in these remaning 12 days, doing whatever we can to maintain our momentum and to make each of you proud. Please keep an eye out for more updates, as well as the letters, photos, and social media shout-outs that will be coming your way. 

The job is not finished yet, but we are prepared for the final stretch. Thank you for getting us to this point.

With gratitude,

Sophia (UCLA Chapter Director), Kenny (Chair, Executive Committee), Tu (Director, Projects and Programs), Nazaire (Country Director), Dr. Gordon (Project Lead), and Dr. Belliot (Medical Internist, Université d'État d'Haïti)

Final Stretch!

June 08, 2014

Dear Supporters,

We are so grateful to report that we have reached 87% of our funding goal! With just five days remaining of our live campaign, we continue to rally more people to join our cause. Every little "like", "share", "forward" and "retweet" helps! What an exciting whirlwind this has been!

To our generous contributors: 

As the campaign will soon come to a close, we look forward to reaching out to each of you personally. In doing so, we would like to formally thank you and to keep you updated regarding Dr. Belliot's forthcoming trip to UCLA this summer. She, Dr. Gordon, and Tu have already begun speaking to sort out the potential plans for her stay. This would not have been possible without your compassion and your donations. We are truly grateful. 

Please keep supporting us as we move closer to the finish line. Of course, we will continue working hard on our end to make you proud. In the reamining five days, we hope to reach our goal or to even surpass it, with any extra funds going to the first rheumatology clinic in Haiti. 

With Gratitude,

The UCHI team

Just 3 Hours Left

June 13, 2014

Dear Supporters,

We just made it past our $5,000 thanks to your contributions to this important campaign! We are so excited that Dr. Belliot will take part in the critical step of her training at UCLA Medical Center. We couldn't have done it without you!

There are just three hours left of the campaign - any money above and beyond the $5,000 mark will help open a rheumatology clinic at Haiti's busiest public teaching hospital, which will soon be led by Dr. Belliot. The clinic will serve hundreds and thousands of patients who have never been able to access life-changing treatment and diagnostic capabilities. Help us spread the word one last time in the last hours!

Once again, congratulations to you all for a successful campaign. We look forward to updating you on the projects progress and welcome anyone to take part in various needs moving forward.

With excitement and gratitude,

The University of California Haiti Initaitive

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