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Looking forward to Fall 2018!

October 09, 2018

Dear friends, family, and past donors,


The UCLA Women’s Club Soccer team would like to thank you again for your past donations and constant support. Your contributions have helped this team achieve some pretty amazing things. We are proud to say that our results on the field are made possible by your efforts as our supporters. Thank you.


In the Fall of 2017, our team was able to compete in the Santa Barbara Tournament, Regionals in San Luis Obispo, and Nationals in Arizona. Traveling to these tournaments requires van rentals and lodging. A large portion of our annual budget goes towards travel expenses, emphasizing the important role your donations play in giving us the opportunity to compete against other highly ranked teams from all over the state and country! During the Winter and Spring of 2018, we began Spring League play and traveled to Sacramento for State Cup. Our team ended Spring League in first place, again, largely due to the support of fans, family and friends like you!


The Women’s Club Soccer team is entering another exciting season with the addition of a young and talented group of new players selected from last week’s tryouts (Oct 1st - 3rd). Our rookies have already helped us claim our first league win against UC Irvine this past Saturday (Oct 6th) with a 6 goal shutout.


This year we will once again be competing at the UC Santa Barbara tournament, Regionals in San Luis Obispo and have already secured a spot in Open Division Nationals in Alabama! With new skillful players, we are thrilled to begin a new season and hopefully earn a spot in the more competitive Closed Division at Nationals.


Before we can travel we need to provide our new players with new uniform shorts and socks, purchase new balls, and begin booking flights, vans and places to stay while traveling.


We look forward to a brand new season with your love and support, and hope you’re as enthusiastic as we are!


Below is our Fall schedule (home vs. away):

Oct 6 2:00pm: UCLA vs. UC Irvine (won 6-0)

Oct 13th-14th: Santa Barbara Tournament (check our Facebook page for the full schedule)

Oct 20 12:00pm: CSU Long Beach vs. UCLA

Oct 21 12:00pm: UCLA vs. UC San Diego

Oct 28 2:00pm: UC Santa Barbara vs. UCLA

Nov 2 - 4: Regionals in San Luis Obispo

Nov 28 - Dec 2: Nationals in Alabama!


Follow the team on social media for more updates!

UCLAWCS on Facebook

UCLAWCS on Instagram

UCLA WCSA homepage (Fall schedule and standings)




Your UCLA Women’s Club Soccer Team 


Let’s go Bruins!

Team Update!

February 19, 2018

Hello all!


The UCLA Women's Club Soccer team would like to thank you again for your generous donation to our 2017 SPARK campaign. It has been three months since our campaign came to a close, and in that time our team has been working hard to prepare for Spring Season. With your support, we have already been able to purchase new jerseys, travel to Phoenix to compete against top teams across the nation, and schedule more games than ever for this quarter and next. In addition to Spring League, we will be hosting our annual tournament Bruin Classic on April 20-22 as well as traveling to Sacramento on April 28-29 to participate in WCSA's League Cup. It's because of your support that we are able to continue to play the sport we love at such a high level - so thank you!


If you live nearby, we would love to see you on the sidelines of our games! Here's our 2018 schedule:

2/24 at 11am (home): UCLA vs. CSU Channel Island

2/25 at 11am (away): CSU Northridge vs. UCLA

3/3 at 3pm (home): UCLA vs. Cal Poly SLO

3/11 at 4pm (away): UCSB vs. UCLA

4/7 at 2pm (home): UCLA vs. CSU Bakersfield

4/8 at 10am (away): Loyola Marymount University vs. UCLA


Follow us on social media for more team updates:

Facebook: UCLA Women's Club Soccer

Instagram: uclawcs



UCLA Women's Club Soccer Team

We reached our goal!

November 27, 2017

Hello all!


Hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving! 


On behalf of the UCLA Women's Club Soccer team, we thank YOU for all the support. We SURPASSED our goal of $5,000 and raised a total of $5,029.00! With this money, we can pay for our new set of jerseys, play more games and in more tournaments to make this the most active and exciting year to date. Last week we went the Nationals in Arizona, and although we didn't win the championship this time, we were proud of our performance. If you donated and chose to receive a perk, be on the lookout for those in the coming weeks!


Thank you endlessly,

UCLA Women's Club Soccer Team



November 14, 2017

To all the friends, family, and alumni who have donated to the UCLA Women's Club Soccer Team, THANK YOU! Thank you for your amazing support and dedication to the team. Tomorrow we leave for Nationals in Phoenix, Arizona and can't wait to compete and bring home the gold again. Speaking of gold...


This week is the UCLA Blue and Gold Challenge! Every alumni or donor who contributes to our Spark campaign between now and Saturday at midnight are counted toward the UCLA donor goal. Once the 3,600 donors limit is reached, $350k will be donated to financial aid! So even more reason to donate(: 


We are at 91% of our goal with 5 DAYS LEFT! Do you think we can do it? Please help us any way you can, if that's by sharing our campaign link, or by spreading the word about our campaign on social media!


Here's the link: 

and our Facebook:


Thank you!


The UCLA Women's Club Soccer Team

Only 10 days left to donate!

November 09, 2017



Thank you for your continued support for UCLA Women's Club soccer and this year's SPARK campaign! These past few weeks of fundraising have been awesome, and we have raised over $4,000! With that said, there are only 10 days left to donate to help us reach our new goal of $5,000. We are 80% of the way there, and we know we can reach it!


If you have not donated yet, please visit our website ( to watch our campaign video, learn more about the team, and make a donation to support us on our journey to Nationals in Phoenix next week! If you have already donated, thank you so much and don't forget to keep checking Facebook ( and Instagram (@uclawcs) for team updates throughout the year. 


Keep liking and sharing any of our posts you see on social media, and please spread the word before our campaign comes to a close! Thank you again for your love and support -- a large part of this team's success is because of you.


With love,


UCLA Women's Club Soccer

WE JUST HIT $1000!

October 24, 2017


With Week 1 of fundraising coming to an end, we would like to thank everyone who has donated and has spread the word about our campaign thus far! We raised over 10% of our goal! Your support during this past week has shown all of us on the UCLA Women’s Club Soccer Team how much you care.

While this is great news, we aren’t there yet. We have $9,000 left until we reach our goal, and 27 days until our campaign closes, so we still need your help! Share your support on Facebook ( and Instagram (@uclawcs)


Thanks again!!


UCLA Women's Club Soccer


Our way
of Thanking You


The Dedicated Fan

Thank you for supporting however you can! You get a high five!

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Estimated Delivery: November 2017


The "Through-Ball"

Soccer is a team sport, everyone contributes to the game. We're there for each other on and off the pitch, and apparently so are you! Thank you for your support, these donations add up -- Double high five!

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Estimated Delivery: November 2017



From showing up to games, to reposting our game stats, you are a true supporter. Your donation ensures that each player has a player card! To show our appreciation for your continued support, we will give you a shoutout on our Facebook page.

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Estimated Delivery: September 2017


The Cruyff

Nice move! Donating this amount helps us buy new jerseys. With this long overdue wardrobe upgrade, we'll be the coolest looking team at UCLA. For your donation, we'll send you a handwritten note signed by yours truly!

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Estimated Delivery: November 2017


The Bicycle Kick

Wow your donation will help us pay for travel expenses to Arizona this year for Nationals! For this great gift, we will send you a handwritten letter AND a signed picture of the team.

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Estimated Delivery: September 2017



She shoots, she scores! You can't win unless you shoot the ball, and you've shown your desire to help us reach our goal through this gracious donation. To show our thanks, we will make you a personalized video and post it on Facebook so the world knows just how much we appreciate you!

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Estimated Delivery: November 2017


The Hat Trick

Three goals in one game is the ultimate accomplishment, and so is your donation! For this, we will make you a personalized video and post it onto our Facebook page, and we will also send you a 2016 Bruin Classic t-shirt designed by one of the players on the team! (A tax deductible gift of $290)

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Estimated Delivery: November 2017


Team Captain

You are leading this campaign trail with this huge donation! A donation of this magnitude would cover 1 player's dues for the entire season! No perk would be as fitting as a sponsorship listing on our website.

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Estimated Delivery: November 2017



You are our fundraising team's Most Valuable Player! You just donated enough to fund one of our player's club dues and entire uniform from head to toe! To express our gratitude, we will add you to our sponsorship listing to our website, add your company logo onto the 2017 Bruin Classic t- shirt, and schedule a meet and greet with the team before our annual tournament in May!

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