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#SaveOurCities - IUSSC's Research Expedition to Mexico

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#SaveOurCities - IUSSC's Research Expedition to Mexico

The International Urban Sustainability Student Corps (IUSSC) is a student-run group that unites passionate undergraduate researchers from all majors to tackle Los Angeles’ most pressing sustainability issues.

Why are we different? We believe that the answers to the environmental problems that LA faces today lie hidden in the policies and infrastructures used by other cities across the globe! It is our mission to use these international cities as a basis to create and advocate for innovative blueprints to bring about a cleaner, brighter, and safer Los Angeles.

Our first project: waste management.

With a budget of less than $600, we have impressed experts in waste management with our research. Now, IUSSC needs your help to take sustainability in Los Angeles to the next level.


On average, Angelenos produce over 6 pounds of trash a day, more than double that of LA’s 2020 waste goals. Because of poor waste management, the effects of large carbon footprints can be seen from the clouds of smog hanging above our homes, to our suffering friends in the water by Ballona Creek.

As landfills dot the map, children and the elderly in surrounding areas are subject to directly related health hazards. For a problem that has been passed from generation to generation, the time is now for us students to pave the way towards a greener future.


This summer, our project takes us to Mexico City, to collaborate with the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, the largest research university in Mexico. We plan to learn from Mexico City’s strong waste management infrastructure, and use this information to lay the foundation for that of Los Angeles County.

Unfortunately, as we are only a group of college students, it is impossible for us to fund this trip without your generous help towards our $16,000 goal.

We are a group of students that have chosen to take a personal stake in the well-being of our city, and we have invested our time and effort into working tirelessly towards creating a happier and healthier ecosystem for the community that we love. Now, we are asking you to join us in our mission by funding our research!

By donating to our cause, you are not only funding a group of driven students to do some research, but you are investing in the potential of student-driven change and the welfare of cities across the world. Every dollar you give will go a long ways in our collective attempts to build brighter, cleaner, and more sustainable communities for generations to come.

Hope Is Where the Heart Is

For all of us, whether or not we are from Los Angeles, this city has come to embody a certain sense of home and permanency. From that came our collective desire to protect Los Angeles and to ensure its long-term environmental safety. The idea for this organization budded when two of the founders, Paul Chung and Peter Redublo, met in a class that taught academic researched-based writing with a focus on environmental sustainability. This class opened both their eyes to two things: firstly, that much of Los Angeles’ waste/trash problem had remained unfixed for a long period of time, and secondly,that  megacities in foreign countries had somehow found solutions that addressed or alleviated many of the same problems Los Angeles was experiencing locally. With this knowledge in mind, they developed a conviction to recruit passionate students and utilize the plethora of resources offered at UCLA to examine parallels between foreign cities and Los Angeles in order to develop unique and out-of-the-box solutions for a sustainable future.

Our organization has grown from that budding conviction into a full-fledged, self-automated think tank with students from all disciplines working tirelessly towards one goal: to produce solutions. We view it as our duty to use the resources provided to us and the education we are receiving to give back and establish a solution-generating entity to help assure a more sustainable Los Angeles. We pledge to work tirelessly towards this goal, and we hope you can accompany us on this journey by following our updates, keeping in touch, and most importantly, donating towards our cause. Your donations mean the world to us and will go a long way in assisting us in realizing our visions. Again, thank you so much!

To a more sustainable future,


Paul Chung, Matthew Leung, Kevin Neung, Vivan Nguyen, Peter Redublo, and Rachel Wong

International Urban Sustainability Student Corps at UCLA






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Go Bruins!

Receive an 8-Clap video and a personal shout-out from IUSSC when they arrive in Mexico City. Your donation will pay for one meal for one student researcher in Mexico City.

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Help us spread far and wide! Your donation will provide for a student's transportation costs in Mexico City. We'll shoot over a shout-out video from Mexico City as well as a personal message from a student researcher!

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Close the Loop!

Your donation of $100 will pay for a portion of a student's night stay at a hotel in Mexico City. Receive a reusable kit which includes reusable and sustainable containers, utensils, and a canteen, as well as a personalized message and a shout-out 8-Clap video from Mexico City! (Tax Deductible Gift of $88)

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Your donation will pay for a student's round trip ticket to Mexico City! In addition to all the perks from the levels below, we'll throw in a cozy Patagonia quarter-zip embroidered with the IUSSC logo. (Tax Deductible gift of $198)

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Your donation will fund a student's stay at a hotel in Mexico City for three days! Attend an IUSSC general meeting. Come down to UCLA and share with our students and guest speakers. Perks from tiers below this will also be included.(Tax Deductible gift of $398)

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This donation will go a long way in purchasing two round trip tickets to Mexico City for two of our student researchers. Including all the perks from the level below, we'd love to include you in the credits and special thanks sections of the mini documentary shorts that we will producing to raise awareness! (Tax Deductible gift of $648)

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Your donation will go towards plane tickets for 3 students! Perks from tiers below this will also be included, but we would love to feature you on our website as "Gold Patrons!" (Tax Deductible gift of $898)

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