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#BruinStrong: Bruin Tech Award

The Bruin Tech Fund Grant has been established to meet the needs of students who may not have the resources to purchase the technology at home on their own to continue to excel in their courses in a virtual environment.

Students who typically rely on access through campus WIFI, loaner laptops from the library and direct access to professors are experiencing disruption to their studies. This innovative opportunity ensures that amidst the stress of an uncertain time, no undergraduate student is left behind because of financial need.

As part of the Bruin family, we can rise to this challenge. Please join us in sending our students a strong message that, in times of crisis, Bruins are there for each other. Distribution of donor funds are being administered by a special task force and UCLA's Financial Aid Office with mini-grants up to $1,000 per student request. Since Dean and Vice Provost Patricia Turner provided the application channel this week, over 1,000 grant requests have come in from students signifying an anticipated need of $500,000 to meet student needs.


Choose a giving level


8-Dollar Eight Clap

No matter the size of your gift, even less than $10 comes together with the generosity of others to ensure that Bruins stay on track towards their degrees.


Laptop Case

Protecting the technology they rely to complete their studies will become increasingly important to Bruins. Help them out by donating $25, which could be used by a student to purchase a laptop case which will safeguard their access to their academics.



Being connected requires an internet connection. Your donation will ensure that Bruins remain connected to each other, to their professors, and to the University in the most basic way.


Emergency Screen Repair

With the new reliance on technology that our Bruins will be facing, a cracked computer screen will be a major disruption to their ability to complete remote learning. $100 could be used for an emergency screen repair of a broken laptop.


Mobile Hot Spot

Some UCLA students are housing insecure, meaning they don't have the capability for a permanent Wi-Fi network. A donation of $250 could be used by a student who requires a mobile hot spot, which will allow them to stay connected to their studies anywhere.


Budget Laptop

Donations of $500 can be used by students to purchase budget laptops, which will allow them to attend online lectures, complete assignments, connect with their professors, and collaborate digitally with their peers.


1000 & Growing

Fully fund a Bruin's technology needs. As of March 18th, 1,000 students have already applied for a Bruin Tech Award, and this number will continue to grow. Your generous leadership gift will ensure that Bruins have access to the technology they need to continue their studies.

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