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Support Opportunity: UCLA Scholarships

UCLA scholarships help provide financial security, confidence, and the foundation for incredible students to achieve their dreams. 


You can help the growing number of low and middle-income, working-class families who despite years of savings, may not be able to afford the cost of higher education. UCLA scholarships empower students to remain committed to their studies and their goals for a better future – for themselves, their families, their communities, and the world. 

RIGHT NOW: The pandemic has amplified inequalities in our society. Bruins from low and middle-income backgrounds have been disproportionately impacted by this crisis. UCLA has seen a 32% increase in loss of income appeals for students and their families, between March and September 2020. Many students and their families have lost their jobs which makes the financial strain to afford education even greater.  


UCLA is proud to enroll more low-income students than any other university of its caliber, including all the Ivy League universities combined. With one of the most diverse student bodies at an elite college, UCLA’s students are exceptional, and many have a significant need for scholarship support. 


UCLA students have a diversity of life experiences and backgrounds. This diversity encourages critical thinking and helps students communicate effectively  with people of varied backgrounds. It produces global citizens that are ready to improve the world. Scholarships bring these students together and allow these interactions to happen. 

At least 1 in 2 students rely on financial assistance to attend UCLA, but the typical packages leave a significant gap in funding, resulting in students taking out loans and part-time jobs that detract from their studies and ability to focus on their professional development. We can do more for our students through scholarship support.  


RIGHT NOW: With the diversity of life experiences, also comes unique challenges for some of our students during the pandemic. Now that many students remain at home, disparities between environments and accessibility are increasingly apparent. Some students are experiencing a lack of access to technology and wifi or others may find themselves now caring for a sibling or family member. Education and home life are now connected. Scholarships provide one less thing to worry about. 

Scholarships provide academic freedom for students to craft an educational experience that is reflective of the unique and complex challenges of our society today. Even when the school year may look different, students remain motivated to explore their passions beyond their studies with co-curriculars in a virtual space.

2 in 3 UCLA students have at least one internship before graduating. Each year, 4,000 undergraduate students research in one of UCLA's two research centers for math and sciences, or in the arts and humanities.

During a time when many of us feel disconnected, your support helps these students feel connected to the greater Bruin community and inspired to remain committed to their education and their future.

You're contributing the UCLA’s vibrant intellectual community of students, faculty, and staff that bring a variety of perspectives, experiences, and problem-solving skills. Your support helps UCLA students emerge well-rounded individuals who are uniquely poised to solve the world’s greatest challenges with innovation, diplomacy, and ingenuity. 

On behalf of our incredible students, THANK YOU! Thank you for providing real opportunities for our best and brightest. Thank you for opening doors to higher education. Thank you for helping make a difference in someone's life. 

A special thank you to Roger Lee for our incredible video and thank you to all the scholarship recipients who told their stories. 


*Pell Grants are federal grants available to students with average family income <$30,000 annually


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Honor the future Class of 2025 with a gift that will help make UCLA a possibility for incredible students with your gift to scholarships.


Opportunity Advocate

Over 55% of UCLA undergraduates receive financial aid and scholarships in order to attend UCLA. Be part of UCLA's mission to provide opportunity through scholarships.


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Help kick off UCLA’s next century of excellence with a commitment to supporting students.


Scholar Supporter

Help keep a student motivated by supporting a quarter of their personal expenses.


UCLA Optimist

Average additional need for the quarter for a student who has lost their job due to the pandemic.


True Bruin Advocate

Covers books and supplies for our remote learners for the school year.


UCLA Game Changer

Covers the cost of one quarter of tuition and fees for a hard-working, high-achieving student.


UCLA Guardian

Provides one quarter of room and meals for a student who must live on campus due to the need for in-person instruction or a home environment that is unsafe or not conducive to remote learning.

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