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UCLA Sailing Team: Help Us Stay Afloat With A New Fleet

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UCLA Sailing Team: Help Us Stay Afloat With A New Fleet

The UCLA Sailing Team is a student-run, student-funded organization affiliated with UCLA Recreation Competitive Sports. The team has about 40 active members which include many experienced sailors and new talent. We are a competitive race team that travels to 14 regattas per year along the west coast at many sailing venues in locations including San Diego, Newport Beach, Long Beach, Santa Barbara, Morro Bay, Stanford, and San Francisco. The team not only provides excellent sailing and racing experience, but an outstanding sense of community where many of our team members have found their best friends and made lasting memories.



We are incredibly proud of the team and all of the progress it has made in the last few years. Four years ago we had less than 10 active members, very few organized practices, and consistently scored in the middle to back of the fleet in regattas. Today, we are very proud to announce that we have 40 very enthusiastic active members and unprecedented practice attendance at which we have seen both our new and experienced members improve their skills immensely. As a result, we have improved our regatta scores greatly, gaining considerable recognition and respect amongst the west coast.  We are thrilled to say that last year our women's team made it to women's nationals for the first time in UCLA Sailing history. We are looking to build on that momentum and take our entire team to the next level, as we have a lot of incoming talent and some newer sailors who are excited to learn and are picking up racing very quickly. However, in order for us to continue this level of growth and success we need your help!




You can be part of our success story and help the team reach the next level! We cannot continue this level of growth and success until we update our equipment immediately.  We have had many of the same boats for far longer than a normal boat's lifespan, and their time to be replaced is long overdue as many of them are in very poor condition. The team currently has 8 boats, and none of them are suited to be competitive race boats. They are 4-5 times older than our competitors' boats and have extreme signs of wear and tear from many years of sailing. Not only are they very water-logged and slow, leaving us at a significant competitive disadvantage, but they have some cracks in the hulls that may cause them to be unsafe in the near future. 


Our goal is to replace our practice fleet with 5 lightly used boats by the end of this school year. We are looking to purchase these boats for roughly $3,000 each. Therefore, we are hoping to raise $15,000 by the end of this campaign. A donation of any amount will go a very long way in helping our team reach its goal. As donors, you play a huge role on our team, and are the essential part of our team's continued success. This purchase will allow us to capitalize on our new found success and talent by providing our sailors with the best equipment possible to display their talent!



  • With a gift of $50 - UCLA Sailing Burgee Sticker 
    • We are so grateful for your support of our team and we'd like to provide you with a UCLA Burgee sticker as a token of our appreciation!


  • With a gift of $150 - UCLA Sailing T-shirt
    • As a thank you for your help we'd love to welcome you to our sailing family and provide you with a UCLA Sailing t-shirt! 


  • With a gift of $500 - UCLA Sailing Burgee
    • We'd like to express our gratitude for your support of our team by sending you a unique UCLA Sailing Burgee!


  • With a gift of $5,000 - Boat naming privileges
    • In honor of your generous contribution to our team, we offer you the opportunity to name one of the new boats that you helped us purchase!    



On behalf of the entire UCLA Sailing Family, we'd like to thank you for contribution no matter the size. We are extremely grateful for our donors, as they literally keep us afloat! Your contribution will go a long way in continuing the unprecedented growth and success of our team, and providing college students with an incredible opportunity to enrich their university experience by sailing, competing, traveling, and making the strongest friendships they will find on campus. 

If you are not able to donate at this time you can still help us!



Our way
of Thanking You



Thank you so much for donating! Every little bit helps! As a reward, we will shout you out on our Facebook page!

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Estimated Delivery: April 2017


UCLA Sailing Sticker

You know you want to put this on your car. Every proud UCLA Sailing supporter should have one! A kiss cut sticker made with durable vinyl and UV laminate, it will jazz up any surface. (A tax deductible donation of $48)

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Estimated Delivery: April 2017


UCLA Sailing T shirt

A blue cotton t shirt to rep your favorite team. You will look like a true sailor! You will also receive the sticker. (A tax deductible donation of $136)

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Estimated Delivery: April 2017


UCLA Sailing Burgee

You are an amazing donor and deserve something special. A legitimate sailcloth burgee to decorate your home or boat! What could be more nautical? You will also receive the t shirt and sticker! (A tax deductible donation of $461)

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Estimated Delivery: April 2017


Boat-naming privileges

Okay, you're amazing. You will receive the honor of christening one of our beloved new boats! Choose wisely because these boats will be around for many generations to come. You will also receive the burgee, t-shirt, and sticker! (A tax deductible donation of $4961)

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Estimated Delivery: April 2017
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