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Help UCLA Club Triathlon go to Nationals!

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Help UCLA Club Triathlon go to Nationals!

The UCLA Club Triathlon team is a co-ed group of students who love to swim, bike, and run—all in one race! Our team provides a rich and supportive network of fellow teammates, dedicated alumni, and terrific coaches. The connections we make extend far beyond the pool or the track and last long after graduation. Our club started in 2002 and has since grown in its ambition to be competitive at the national level. In order to do so, we train extensively but we also maintain a lighthearted and friendly atmosphere. In recent years, our combined team has placed second and third in the nation!


Your donations will lead us to another successful Nationals this year by helping us to cover the costs of bike transportation, registration, and food!


The UCLA Club Triathlon team competes in collegiate races, which are made up of a 1500 meter swim, 40k bike ride, and 10k run. What makes triathlon so challenging for us is the time it takes to train for all three parts of the race! We have as many as 13 practices a week which allows for flexibility with our class schedules, as well as our desired training volume. What’s more, almost all of us join the team coming from swimming or running backgrounds with no triathlon experience. Although new to triathlon, we realize that the sport is very much a lifestyle and we are excited to continue racing and training for triathlons after our time at UCLA.


But before we do that, we have our eyes set on racing very fast at this year’s Collegiate Club National Championships in Tuscaloosa, Alabama!


Because we are on the west coast and because there are so many elements and so much gear to triathlon, competing at Nationals is very costly, which is why we’re asking for your help. We greatly appreciate your donation because it will allow us to cover our Nationals costs, from race nutrition, to registration, to transporting our bikes from here to Alabama. Nationals is a tremendous race experience and your generosity allows us to perform at our best!




Triathlon is an expensive sport and as students the cost adds up quickly. By donating you’ll help alleviate the stress and financial worry of raising enough money to go to Nationals. Whether your donation provides a burrito, help with registration, bike transportation, or the full cost to compete, you will be making a difference. With your help and generosity, you can provide the difference for many athletes to be able to attend Nationals that otherwise may not have been able to compete. So let’s race well and have some fun at Nationals this year!


From all of us at UCLA Club Triathlon, we would like to thank you in advance for your support and for helping us to realize our racing goals this year!


Choose a giving level


The Tasty Gel

It's tough to eat during the race, but we'll refuel during the bike leg if you deliver the goods. Help us complete our race by feeding us with some in-race nutrition.


The Burrito

As a team we are so committed to eating burritos that we are the Breakfast Burrito Club! So provide a racer with a much-loved burrito meal the night before the race!


300 Miles

Alabama is far away from Los Angeles but you can help get a bike on its way! By donating $25 we will be 300 miles closer to dominating on the bike course!


Almost Registered

With your donation of $50, you'll cover half of the costs for Nationals registration. And as everyone knows, to have a good race, you must start the race!



Cover one racer's registration fee!


All the Way

At $150 we can send one bike all the way to Nationals ... and all the way back to LA! We love our bikes and want them to go wherever we go.


The Starting Line

Send one racer to Nationals by covering both their bike transportation and their registration costs! We're ready to go!


The Relay

Send an entire relay team of 4 racers to Nationals! Registration and bike transportation included!


Big Tuna

Impressive! You just sent 8 UCLA triathletes to Nationals! That's almost half of our Nationals team, woohoo!

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