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Our crowdfunding campaign has ended, but you can still support #UCLAForAll by clicking here


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Thank You From the Bottom of My Heart

May 11, 2018

Dear Friends:


You did it! In the last 37 days, your generous support allowed us to raise over $80k for undocumented and international students at UCLA!  Your donations, your social media posts, and your personal outreach to friends and colleagues truly made a difference. On behalf of the Advisory Council on Immigration Policy, and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.


Because of people like you, more students, regardless of immigration status or country of origin, will be able to feel relief during these challenging times. Together, we sent a loud message of support and solidarity and showed that we stand with the international and immigrant community at UCLA!


If you are interested in continuing your support for this campaign, this fund will continue to receive donations in the future. Just recently, a supporter dedicated her birthday celebration to #UCLAForAll. If you wish to do something similar, you can reach out to Alex Nguyen, Associate Director of Development, Student Affairs at 310-983-3092 or


With best wishes and gratitude,

Abel Valenzuela

Professor and Special Advisor to the Chancellor on Immigration Policy

You did it - again!!!

May 10, 2018

We have yet another reason to celebrate this morning and it’s all because of you – all 215+ of you!


Before the sun came up this morning, advocates who support UCLA’s undocumented & immigrant community put #UCLAforAll over our fundraising goal for A SECOND TIME! 


The commitment you have shown to our students and community throughout this campaign is awe-inspiring. We are proud you have chosen to champion the values of diversity and inclusion which are central to the UCLA mission, and which continue to guide our council every day. 


Thank you for being an ally. Thank you for sharing our campaign with others. Thank you for your generosity.


With less than 26 hours remaining in the #UCLAforAll crowdfunding campaign, we’re setting our sights just a little higher and stretching our goal for the last time to $75,000!


Gifts of any and all sizes are still welcomed until our deadline of 12 PM tomorrow, May 11th.


Your partnership has been invaluable and we look forward to celebrating with you tomorrow afternoon. Until then, we’re calling on you one last time to help spread the word to other allies and friends:


The goal is within sight. Let’s cross the finish line together!

3 Day Countdown Begins Today! It’s Williams, I’m a DACAmented Bruin

May 09, 2018

Good Morning!


#UCLAForAll will end in only 3 days! I’m a senior studying Political Science and Anthropology at UCLA. I arrived to the United States when I was 2 years old and I’ve grown up in Los Angeles since then. In the past 6 years, the DACA program allowed me to get my first job, attend college, and apply for state financial aid. DACA also allowed me to intern at the state legislature.


Now, I am faced with the reality that DACA might come to an end. I worry about my immigration status along with my classes, graduation, and post-grad employment. I may no longer be able to attend Law School and will have to find another way to make ends meet.


Despite these challenges, this campaign has inspired me! Your support gives me hope! Let’s finish strong! We only have 3 more days to share:



Williams Lopez

UCLA Undergraduate Student    


ONLY 4 DAYS LEFT! It’s Valeria, Director of UCLA’s Undocumented Student Program

May 08, 2018


Dear #UCLAForAll Supporter!


I have directed the Undocumented Student Program (USP) at UCLA for the past three years. Everyday I meet with undocumented Bruins concerned about much more than class assignments– they’re also burdened with figuring out how to pay for tuition, rent, and food.


I hope for the day at UCLA where all students, regardless of immigration status, can be just that– students. Your continued support for  #UCLAForAll will help support the students that I serve.


We are only 4 days away from the end of this campaign! Your personal outreach to your friends and colleagues is making a difference! I encourage you to continue sharing! Let’s finish strong, we only have until Friday to fulfill our goal!


Valeria Simmons Garcia


Undocumented Student Program



Let's Go The Extra Mile!

May 02, 2018

Esteemed #UCLAForAll Supporter: 


We're so thrilled to announce that your support has been very impactful! So much so, that we're happy to announce we have raised over $55k! Given this momentum, we're confident more people want to support undocumented and international students at UCLA! So we're raising our campaign goal to $70k and extending our campaign 4 additional days to end on Friday, May 11th!


Your donations, your social media posts, and your personal outreach to your friends and colleagues have made a difference! So continue sharing the campaign link, much as possible! 


Collectively, we can do this! We're inspired by your support and also the recent support of singer songwriter Diana Gameros! Learn more about her support by watching our latest #UCLAForAll video

It's May Day! Support Immigrant Students Today!

May 01, 2018

Happy May Day All! 


Today is a great day to stand in solidarity with workers and immigrants! We are less than a week away from the end of our campaign and we are about $8k away from reaching our goal. We are almost there but we need your support in spreading the word about #UCLAForAll! 


How you can support the campaign today: 


• Share on any of your social media profiles expressing why you support

Undocumented and International students! In your post encourage others to donate $5 or $10, no donation is too small. 


• Remind friends, family, and colleagues in person to give TODAY if they are unable out to make it out to a march or public May Day event. 


Thanks for your continued support! 






Go Us! We've Raised Over $35k!

April 26, 2018

We are so happy to announce that we have raised over $35k thanks to YOU and recent donations from numerous faculty members who stand in solidarity with undocumented and international students!


We only have 10 days to reach our goal so we need all of the support we can get! Today, beginning at 11:30am, we will convene for a digital outreach lunch to amplify our campaign efforts on social platforms. Join us on Twitter using #UCLAForAll. 


Any donation amount counts, we can't do this without your support! If you have $5, $10 more to give, go for it! 


p.s. Here's our most-recent video featuring Lyra Kim, take a look!

UPDATES: New Campaign Endorsement & Recent Media Coverage!

April 20, 2018

Good Morning #UCLAForAll Supporters: 


We are writing to share some exciting developments. #UCLAForAll was recently endorsed by Luis Perez, the first undocumented student to graduate from UCLA Law School. Take a look at the enclosed video with this endorsement and help us share the video widely! 


We also want to share recent #UCLAForAll media coverage: 

KPCC 89.3FM- UCLA launches crowdsource fundraiser for immigrant students 

La Opinion- #UCLAForAll recauda fondos para estudiantes indocumentados e internacionales

UCLA Newsroom- UCLA launches crowdfunding campaign to support undocumented and international students

We reached 12k, we need help spreading the word!

April 16, 2018

We reached $12k over the weekend! We are very grateful, yet we only have 3 weeks left to reach $50k. We need you to help us spread the word! Share our page: on your social platforms, post and share why you care about this campaign and ask others to consider donating $10, $20, or whatever is possible. You can also remind friends, colleagues, and family personally. 


We can't do this without you! Thanks for your continued support! 

Our way
of Thanking You


#UCLAForAll Supporter

Your $20 donation helps with everyday expenses such as the cost of two meals. You’ll receive our eternal thanks!

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Estimated Delivery: June 2018


#UCLAForAll Friend

$50 can help to sustain our students each day of the week. You'll receive our eternal thanks!

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Estimated Delivery: June 2018


#UCLAForAll Ally

Your $100 - $400 donation can help cover academic expenses such as the cost of books for our students. To show our appreciation, you will be among the first to receive updates on reports and events from ACIP and we’ll thank you on our weekly donor’s social media shout-out!

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Estimated Delivery: June 2018


#UCLAForAll Ambassador

Thank you for your incredible gift! Your donation can help cover the cost of the many immigration and visa-related fees students often struggle to cover. You will be among the first to receive updates on reports and events from ACIP, and we’ll recognize you in our weekly donor’s social media shout-out!

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Estimated Delivery: June 2018


#UCLAForAll Sustainer

We are so thankful for your amazing generosity! Your donation can assist our students with basic living expenses such as a month of housing costs. We’d like to share our appreciation by inviting you to have dinner at the home of Abel Valenzuela along with some of our students and you will receive a personalized social media shout-out for your support! (a tax deductible donation of $985)

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Estimated Delivery: June 2018


#UCLAForAll Partner

Your donation will make a huge impact by helping with those expenses that allow students to be students! $1500 can help a student with critical costs such as tuition, housing, and transportation during the quarter. To show our thanks, you will be invited to join Abel Valenzuela and our students for lunch at Luskin Conference Center and you will receive a personalized social media shout-out for your support! (a tax deductible donation of $1,480)

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Estimated Delivery: June 2018


#UCLAForAll Founder

Your phenomenal donation can provide incredible support for a student who is facing hardships associated with loss of employment due to new policies. You will receive 1 ticket to the UCLA Labor Center Banquet where you will meet Dream Summer fellows, as well as all of the above perks! (a tax deductible donation of $4,933)

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Estimated Delivery: June 2018


#UCLAForAll Visionary

The highest of contributions deserves the highest of honors: being a visionary leader of our campaign! Your donation is remarkable and we'd like to share our appreciation with all of the above perks! (a tax deductible donation of $9,933)

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Estimated Delivery: April 2018
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