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UCLA Radio Pledge Drive 2018

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UCLA Radio Pledge Drive 2018


Who Are We?

UCLA Radio is made up of over 150 unique, creative, and passionate students dedicated to bringing quality programming to our listeners. UCLA Radio has been broadcasting on campus since 1962, when we were established as a “terrestrial radio station” in the basement of Dykstra Residential Hall. Now operating out of a cave in Ackerman and broadcasting online, UCLA Radio’s audience has extended to include listeners around the globe in such diverse places as Australia, Russia, Italy, England, and Brazil.

Our eclectic programming features shows spanning a wide variety of musical genres as well as talk radio shows featuring comedy, news, and sports content. This past year, our listener count has not only increased by 150%, but we’ve also had the pleasure of hosting more events and in-station performances than ever before, and have additionally been able to release multiple art publications featuring the work of our members. The station is completely student run and supported in part through charitable donations and our own fundraising efforts.  

What is our goal for this project?

Although our outreach into the community has grown, our sound quality has not. This year we've seen an increasing number of in-station performances as well as an increased listener count and therefore it is paramount that we are able to continue delivering the same unique programming in the best quality possible.

With your contributions, we as a station hope to purchase equipment that will allow us to utilize new mediums, improve listener experience, and increase station accessibility. Specifically, we want to purchase field recorders for live broadcasting on-campus events and a new soundboard that will allow us to greatly improve the sound quality of our stream, as well as allocate resources towards collaborative efforts with other clubs and organizations on campus.

Beyond providing students with the opportunity to gain professional experience, UCLA Radio is a source of growth, knowledge, and incredible friendships. The opportunities to learn and express oneself within UCLA Radio are truly endless. It is not always easy being entirely student run, but the freedom and creativity it allows us is so tremendous that we wouldn’t have it any other way.

What we will be able to do with your donations

UCLA Radio is growing at an unprecedented rate, as of last quarter our listener count increased by over 150% ! Yet, at the same time the radio station's equipment is deteriorating at what appears to be a more alarming rather than inspiring rate, and the station is still not completely accessible. Therefore there exists a huge problem for us here at UCLA Radio, namely that as we strive to grow as a station and create an inclusive environment for all, we're met with monetary obstacles. Like many stations, we currently struggle with minor issues such as broken chairs, as well has headphones, but with your contribution we'll easily be able to move past such trivial matters to focus on improving the quality of not just our stream, but our community for you.   

  • $615 - Station Management (Brand New Chairs, Cleaning Supplies, Silent fans)
  • $645 - Upgraded station computer to ensure we are able to deliver content at maximum efficiency  
  • $3330 Marketing and Promotions ($1000 towards a Promotions Fund, $2300 towards a Marketing fund, Neon Sign, A-board for on-campus marketing, Promotional Materials, Printer Supplies)
  • $10,500 - Make steps towards purchasing a new soundboard which would greatly increase the sound quality our station is able to deliver


UCLA Radio provides a creative and intellectual outlet for students at the undergraduate and graduate level. In addition, it provides other students, and members of the greater Los Angeles community a source of news and entertainment. We are able to give new artists a platform to showcase their artistry and gain more of a following. With your help, we'll be ale to up the professionalism of our station, and expand our reach to more of the Southern California community and beyond. 

DJ Testimonials

"I was a Freshman here at UCLA, coming from what I thought to be a large graduating class of roughly 600 students. I knew that UCLA was a big school, but I guess I didn’t realize that it was over 40,000 students big. Naturally I was doing all the usual things to make friends, to foster a feeling of community. I could be found at all the usual on-campus, dormitory socials, joining various intramural sports leagues and, most importantly, engaging in the non-committal lecture hall discourse that never failed to start with this question: “What is your major?” In fact, my college experience as a freshman came to be defined by this question. I was supposed to make friends and forge friendships around this question. If I were a neuroscience major, and I found out you were a neuroscience major, we would be partners in our Chem 14A class. That was how it worked, we were “friends” solely because we shared a common major. I soon found that these friendships were quick to dissolve with the completion of the each respective final, and I was soon left alone in an unnerving sea of people.

At the time, I hated college. I regretted my decision to come to UCLA. Sure, it was a good school, the acceptance rate was low and I felt I had made the right call in that regard, but any notion of compassionate friendship had gone out the window. I had come to associate a feelings of isolation with my college experience. Luckily my random roommate assignment worked out and I made 4 of the best friends I’ll ever have. One of which, Ben, had applied to UCLA Radio his Fall Quarter of Freshman year. I would often walk to campus with him when he was trekking to his Intern Class. He was absolutely loving it. I mean, he was a music kid, knew and still knows everything there is to know about punk, rock and roll, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s; if you were to play it, he didn’t just know it, but gave you a detailed history of its conception. Radio was obviously his home, and if he wouldn’t have convinced me to Apply, I wouldn’t have known that it would be my home too." 

- Duncan Brouwer, 2nd year, Chinese Major


I have always been one to take a long time to find a community that I felt both stimulating and comfortable, and most of all, permanent. Once I joined UCLA Radio in my junior year of college, I knew that this was the organization where I could stay and stop searching further. When I leave this campus, the work I put in, the friends I have made, the tangible results engrained in my eye, the warm and exciting jitters every time I walk into the station, all of it, everything UCLA Radio is and has done for me is going to cling onto me and make me smile, and define me as a student, a colleague, a videographer, a person. 

UCLA Radio is one of the only organizations I know that has such a huge number of people involved but everybody is connected to each other in a intimate way and are comfortable with one another, knowing that we are all like-minded in that we truly love radio and are passionate in growing UCLA Radio. Everybody here has an intense color, creative mind, openness, and talent that are so different and it is such an experience to be able to get to know those differences and collaborate and create something together. I've met people that are so different to me in a creative and emotional direction but are strangely compatible in an inexplicable way. I had no idea a college organization can challenge me this far in my creative and personal journey — UCLA Radio is defiant, truly an exception in all spectrums of my college experience.

- Rio Hayashi, 3rd year, Comparative Literature Major



Thank You

On behalf of UCLA Radio, we thank you for your continued support. Without your generosity, we could not continue to grow and thrive. Thank you for keeping the dream of college radio alive!

Our way
of Thanking You


Greetings Earthlings…

Your $5 donation will allow us to purchase supplies to keep our station clean. As a thank you for donating, we will write your name on a special donor list that we will hang in our station and post to our Facebook!

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Estimated Delivery: October 2018



Your $10 donation will allow us to purchase cables for in-station performances. As a thank you, we will give you a shout out on air and send it to you via our UCLA Radio Soundcloud page!

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Estimated Delivery: October 2018



Your $25 donation will go towards purchasing decorations to liven up our In-Station Performances. As a thanks, we'll give you some student-designed UCLA Radio stickers and buttons! (A $17 tax deductible donation).

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Estimated Delivery: October 2018


You’re a Shooting Star

Your generous gift will allow us to buy replacement headphones. To show our appreciation, please accept a handwritten letter from one of our DJs!

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Estimated Delivery: October 2018


To infinity…

Your $100 donation will go towards purchasing an audio interface, digital recorders, and printer supplies. For your generosity, we will give you a bundle of exclusive student-designed pledge drive merchandise (buttons, stickers, tote, patch) (An $82 tax deductible donation)

12 of 100 Claimed
Estimated Delivery: October 2018


...And Beyond

You just bought us shelving units and top storage to increase station accessibility! As a thank you we will send you everything in our “To Infinity…” pack PLUS a special copy of a student designed UCLA Radio Zine! (A $122 tax deductible donation).

3 of 100 Claimed
Estimated Delivery: October 2018


Space Cadet

Your $250 donation will allow us to purchase new chairs to keep our DJs and members comfy! To show our gratitude, we will send you a student-designed UCLA Radio Shirt and boxers! (A $232 tax deductible donation).

6 of 100 Claimed
Estimated Delivery: October 2018


Shoot for the Moon

You just bought us a silent fan to keep DJs cool while in the booth! As a thank you, you will receive a bundle with the “...And Beyond” pack, as well as an exclusive student-designed UCLA Radio Pledge Drive 2018 shirt! (A $463 tax deductible donation)

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Estimated Delivery: October 2018


Big Bang

With your $1000 donation, we will be able to purchase a new banner and signs to help get the UCLA Radio name out there! To thank you, we will play a five-song set of your creation on one of our shows and send you an archive file for you to listen back to (and show your friends)! Each playlist will also come with an exclusive graphic designed by our A&D team.

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Estimated Delivery: October 2018



You just gave the station a new computer to expand our music library and continue delivering efficient and reliable content to all of our listeners! To show our gratitude, we will have our comedy team write, perform, and send a personalized “thank you” skit to you PLUS a mystery bundle filled with exclusive Pledge Drive merch. (A $2472 tax deductible donation).

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Estimated Delivery: October 2018


Out of this World!

With your $5,000 donation, we will be able to make a sizable step towards purchasing a new soundboard! As a symbol of our gratitude, we will have our comedy team write and perform a personalized “thank you” skit just for you PLUS we will send you an exclusive “UCLA Radio Pledge Drive” plaque. (A $4900 tax deductible donation)

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Estimated Delivery: October 2018
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